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  1. Thanks CW - I decided to join WW online and use the tracking tools there and take advantage of starting new with the 2012 program changes. I do not go to meetings so this seems to be the best choice for me. Thanks to all those that said hello here and all the best to you in 2012.
  2. Feel like I need to write down the plan for tomorrow's food the night before Breakfast : coffee, skim milk, oatmeal and eggs Lunch - turkey, wax beans and salad with oil Dinner: same as lunch Extras: greens/fruit blender drink, oranges,
  3. the cold cereal is plain shredded wheat or plain oats soaked in milk. Glad Christmas eating is over - the meal was fine, turkey, wax beans and a glass of wine. The desserts were an issue as were the before meal snacks. So ,even though I ate much less than usual it was still more than the 35 WPA's. Threw out a bunch of high calorie leftovers, and packaged the rest into gifts for work, and kids heading back to college. Back to plain, simple foods tomorrow.
  4. yeah, not too bad loaded with the pickle, lettuce and tomato and some mustard. Not my favourite but willing to compromise if I do not have to count the burger Today also went well food wise yogurt and fruit in the morning ( I mix a small bag of frozen fruit and a large container of plain ff yogurt in a mixing bowl and leave in the fridge - usually not too hungry in the morning and this gets in a fruit and dairy serving plus my wife likes it so I score a point there leftover 3 bean chili for lunch ham and tossed salad for dinner with a banana and a few mandarin oranges cold cerea adn skim milk for evening snack
  5. feeling pretty good finishing up day three - had as much food as I wanted to feel full but not stuffed. Pretty much the same foods as yesterday. Went to Burger King with one of my kids - ordered the vegetarian burger and took the top bun off also popped a chocolate into my mouth before I remembered i was saving points for the weekend So not too bad all in all.
  6. Thanks Superbowl Today plain yogurt oatmeal berries 3 bean chili vegetable soup egg cooked in oil skim milk Snack: "interesting" shake made by one of my kids - wasn't sure I would like it as it sure looked strange, but it tasted ok and actually met my fruit and vegetable quota for the day so not a bad deal. leftover stir fried beef and vegetables plain cold cereal with milk They threw in the blender a banana, some frozen diced mango, 6 cups of spinach ( actually frozen one ounce cubes but each is equal to a cup) and I think some frozen blackberries or blueberries. Added water and blended until smooth. Made 2 very large mugs and I drank one insteadof my usual afternoon coffee.
  7. and btw, a belt that has stretched too far. Was a former WW that got to lifetime many years ago, stopped tracking and here I am, not at my highest, but a steady 6 - 10 pounds a year gain over the past couple of years. Don't like counting points, but do like eating well, so the old Core plan was good for me. Not sure what it is called now but am using it again Yesterday yogurt, oatmeal and berries 3 bean chili mandarin oranges salad with lean diced ham and olive oil beef and stir fried vegetables in the other oil cold plain cereal and skim milk yogurt and berries oatmeal multi vitamin exercycled 15 minutes
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