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  1. Healthy breakfast: Healthy breakfast helps you in refuels your body, and benefit your overall health, Take more vitamins and minerals, Eat less fat and cholesterol. Avoid the cholesterol, which may reduce your risk of heart disease So do not skip breakfast it may be more important than you think.....
  2. Some basic and easy exercises for 6 pack abs are leg lifts, the plank, and the crunch, These exercise can be performed on the floor with an exercise mat, For the six pack abs, a person has not only strengthened their abs by performing exercises.....
  3. APPLES: Along with strawberries, oranges, peaches and grapefruit, apples contain pectin - a form of fibre that can make you feel fuller for hours, DATES OR DRIED MANGO: These little gems have all the sweetness of lollies, with the added bonus of vitamin C and iron, EGGS: Think of them as little protein bombs. Plus, they're a good source of iron and lecithin, which is critical for brain health....
  4. Hello everyone, i am new in this forum , me very happy to join this forum , so please do welcome me guys, thanks.....
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