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  1. Everyone, Thank you for all your encouragement, I'm looking for a group to start posting in. So far my progress has been bumpy to say the least, it's a struggle getting all this going, but I'm going to keep on keeping on. Thanks again!
  2. Five K's, We can do this, I'll be 65 next Feb. and I felt dieting was a waste of time, however, it's a waste of time to continue in the bad habits I've been doing, let's make a pack "We will stay on program and like it".
  3. Thank you Peggy, it's true time passes so quickly, this program is the best and I'm getting excited about getting some control in my days, as it's been a free for all, with lots of guilt the past 5+ years, it's time to use the good sense God gave me. Please feel free to keep in touch.
  4. Thank you for the motivation, I appreciate you telling me in a clear and precise way that I just need to stop the pity party and move into the work of losing this excess weight. No more procrastinating, I'll just do it. I'm on my way to a healther me. Have a great day!
  5. I was so happy to see WW Bootcamp was still on line. Today after ingesting two Big Hunks and one bag of M&M's, I'm done with the highs and lows and this is where I want to start again. I hope by this time next year my posting will be uplifting to others as the posting I've read have encouraged me. My commitment will be to use the Simply Filling and using Points plus when I need more control. I do not have any excuses for my weight problem except that I use food to make me feel good, and I just enjoy all the bad stuff, so my road back seems long at this time. Hope to get to know you and will definitely appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have. Gingerellen
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