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  1. The Chocolate Macaroons have always been a favorite of mine
  2. I copied this from the original post....LOVE this stuff!! GLOP 26oz jar of any salsa (I use Great Value brand from Walmart) 1 pound extra lean ground turkey, cooked, broken up as for tacos etc 1 cup cooked rice (the following values are for brown rice as that's all that I had) 24 oz carton fat free cottage cheese Throw it all together in a bowl and stir! That's it! We like to eat it wrapped in a tortilla or with tortilla chips. It's good hot or cold. Nutritional Values Makes 17 - 1/2cup (120g) servings Per serving: 105 calories .7g fat .9 fiber 12g protein 2 Points!
  3. I too had been gone for awhile and came back on a recipe hunt....so VERY sad to not find my familiar recipes :'( PLEASE bring them back.....
  4. When I made it before, I used pie filling, but I imagine that canned berries would work as well. You would just need to have enough liquid like the pineapple have.
  5. I had this tonight...except I made mine with sugar-free cherry pie filling! Yummy!...I have made several versions of this recipe before and always had great results and many compliments. Tonight, I served mine with a scoop of sugar free Blue Bunny "Bunny Tracks"--it is vanilla ice cream with chuncks of chocolate and ripples of chocolate and peanut butter...together the cake and icecream tasted like a super good PB & J!
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