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  1. This is what your post looks like on my end! You got it!
  2. Yep! Should be in the quote from you too I think
  3. Hmmm... Using another non-admin account, I can't see your pictures. Only one, from a post in another thread that included the attachments at the bottom.
  4. Sounds like you've got a good head start! I think I survived the holidays with only a little gain. Here's to healthy happy 2014 to you and everyone else too.
  5. Hello, and welcome back! Those old cats can be stubborn Good luck on the new ww mission That's correct! You can access the rest of the forums once you've posted in the basic training section a bit. Deltas are still going strong, so hopefully when you get back in there it will feel like 'home'
  6. Welcome! I have seen a few others join with the same situation of just not seeing the loses after coming back on program. If/when your able to use the forum search function, try a search for 'plateau'. I came up with 28 threads that might help. Once you can get into the buddy groups, they will definitely be able to help you better than I can. Cheers! and Good luck!
  7. Every step in the right direction counts! No matter how big or small
  8. Yea I was hoping ALL of the newbies would use this thread. Gotta get our post counts up and it's nice to use these areas for getting used to the forums.
  9. Hi Gayle, nice to 'meet' you. Sorry to hear of your loss. The big C is a bad one, and I can't imagine losing my mom. Glad that you're feeling better and have your head in the game.
  10. Sheesh, I feel like I am really slacking now! I won't say much about my eating choices lately other than they haven't ALL been bad...
  11. Welcome Janice! Way to go! Be sure to keep posting with us so your able to join in the Buddy Groups. Keep us updated!
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