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  1. I'm interested. I just bought a fit bit and love to track my steps. Some days I need motivation to step outside and get moving, especially now that it's cold out.
  2. Bump For the great link for veggie burger recipes.
  3. Also, check out www.silversneakers.com to find fitness centers that offer classes in your area (just plug in your zip code). There are fitness classes and social events for older adults at many chain and independent gyms across the country.
  4. It does seem slow. But I'm new, and I'm locked out of a lot of the forums until I do more posts. :-( I hope there is more activity.
  5. I walk in my home too sometimes! Glad I'm not the only one. I'm walking a familiar path and often read on my Kindle while I walk to help with the boredom. Hee hee!
  6. I'm careful about pushing myself too because I'm worried about injuries. I'd rather be careful and be able to exercise, rather than hurt myself and not be able to do anything. I'm no expert, but some of the things I do are... 1. Vary the speed. Faster a few minutes, then normal speed. Or fast one day, normal speed the next. 2. Vary the workouts. New walking routes with hills or uneven surfaces like sand, gravel, or grass. 3. Longer walking times a few times a week 4. New workouts. Keeps away the boredom. There are lots of videos on YouTube to try at home, or videos to borrow from the library. 5. Yoga. It not only good for streatching, its good for building strenth using your own body weight.
  7. I know there are different theories on this, but for me, I don't count fruit and vegetables I blend into smoothies because I figure I'm eating the fiber too. I only count the milk/yogurt/soymilk/almond milk I use. If you find you aren't losing weight, you may need to look into counting them as points. Or, if you eat more fruit outside of having a smothie, then you may want to count them. Also, if you blend leafy greens like spinach, kale, collard greens, etc. I find strawberries do a good job of covering up the taste them.
  8. What about adding some beans to your salad? I love to add black beans or garbanzo beans to get protein.
  9. Hi everyone! I have made a plan this past week to eat a ton more vegetables. I got a huge bage of broccoli from Costco and have been steaming it then adding Mrs. Dash seasoning to it. I also got a huge bag of spinach. I have made spinach omletes, curries and sauted it with garlic and chili flakes. I like trying to find new ways to eat veggies. Next week I think I'll focus on carrots and romaine lettuce. Just to switch things up. Happy Healthy Eating!
  10. Welcome back. You can do it again. You've already proven it. Just take it one day at a time.
  11. I'll Join you Jace. I can't join any of the groups yet, I'm too new to the site. I did WW 10 years ago and lost 35 pounds, I wasn't at goal, but I quit and now I'm starting again weighing even more than the first time I started. I started going to Jazzercise at my local gym every Saturday morning, I'm the biggest one in the class, but I love it. Tomorrow is Saturday, I can't believe I'm looking forward to being in an exercise class! Have a great weekend.
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