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  1. Peg I envy you, we love to cruise. Getting my steps in and went to the y this morning. Need to be more careful on my snacking.... Need to stop it
  2. Saturday weigh in. 156.2 down .4. I will take it slow and steady nancy
  3. I am in. My weigh in day is Saturday. Right now I am 156.6 nancy
  4. Still hanging in there, for the last couple of weeks have had a small loss each week. Back to the y for silver sneakers. Really enjoying it and everyone is very friendly. My friend,who is in ww with me, we have decided to send each other our food menu each day. Keeps me honest. Peg I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise. I love traveling that way. Where are you going? annie you are doing well, I used to live in Massachusetts. nancy
  5. I thought I had posted a couple of times but don't see them Peg, you are doing wonderful, all your hard work is showing. As usual I am struggling, can't seem to get my head in the right place. Had a good meeting this morning, I love our ww group.,just need to put one foot in front of the other and stop the snacking. nancy
  6. Trying to get motivated, just back from silver sneakers at the y. I was able to do all the moves. I need to get back to basics with my food Been off track since my husbands surgery. He is doing well, now to get me going in the right direction.why is this so hard for me to do, I know what needs to be done just don't do it. I love ww, it works I need to just do it!! grancy
  7. What I did for me yesterday is stop my pity party train and weighed in..I was up. I am going in the wrong direction. It stops now, need to figure out how to control my emotions and not turn to food. Have a couple of trying days my husband has surgery on Tuesday so need to be on my toes when feeling stressed.
  8. Received some bad news about a friends health and let it derail me. I must get back on plan today, feel so much better.
  9. Peg, I need to be here also. Finally after months of doing the nancy plan instead of really doing the ww plan I finally decided I need to REALLY do the ww plan. Had a good week, water, fruit ,tracking, exercising lost 2.2. Within 5 pounds of my goal. Now to continue what I know I should be doing!!
  10. Trying something new this week. Instead of reaching for 2 point or more snacks I am going to have fruit. So close to goal but just can't seem to get past a certain number. Feel like I am sabotaging myself
  11. Haven't been able to do much dedicated exercise but while I watch my grand daughters I keep moving and do hula hoop, kick ball etc. not pretty, just try to keep moving . Weight loss is slow but steady, .2, .3 every little bit helps. nancy
  12. Still plugging along, had to cut back on my steps, my back went out. Feeling better and picking up the pace. Didn't go to my ww meeting Saturday, figured I would take a break. Plan on going this week. I need the meeting and my fellow members. We help each other so much. Hope you all are doing well.
  13. 2 days at 10,000steps need to keep it up, only way I will lose weight. Watching points but have had a few slipups
  14. Peg, you are so determined and focused and keep going whether you feel good or not. This week was not that good for me, I didnt eat really bad but my steps weren't there keep me going down. Gained .8 . So my plan is to move as much as I can.
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