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  1. Sometimes I will put my 2 tsp of olive oil in my milk. The past 2 days I added a WW smoothie. 2 healthy oils and 2 milk servings in one glass. I don't taste the oil.
  2. I can still do things like chow down on a whole box of strawberries and more. So far I haven't had any trouble eating lots of fruits and veggies and am losing. It's good to find what works for you.
  3. I love these! Creamy and chocolate-y. Even my husband will eat them and he usually doesn't like "healthier" foods.
  4. I am going right now to do my video game dancing. I usually do it 1-2 hours, 5x a week. Love it!
  5. I started WW in October 2011. It lasted a bit then I got stressed out from 2 jobs and gained back. I've been working hard at it again. I've lost 18.8 pounds on WW and 23 total. I do 1-2 hours of exercise at least 5x a week. Doing a 5K Saturday - running through lavender fields. Life is good and I can't wait to reach 10%/25 lbs soon
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