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  1. Hi everyone...I tried to do this last night but no luck for some reason. I used to belong to bootcamp but guess I was inactive for too long. Let me see I am a WW Lifetime member and have been so since 1998. I lost 64 lbs and have kept it off.Its become automatic for me so I guess I am lucky.Its just the way I think now but it is still important to have a place to go where one can get new ideas and tips and of course recipes that keep things interesting. I believe that is what I owe to my continued success. Anyway I am glad to be back.
  2. I would like to add that the other difference with SFT to the old Core is you can now switch within the week. For instance if you want you can count points during the week and do SFT on the weekend...Whichever you want. With the low cal breads now being Power Foods it does make the SFT more flexible than the old Core. Also ground chicken or turkey are not power foods now because in stores they grind whatever together ( light and Dark meat) but if you grind your own from chicken breast or turkey they would be a power food.
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