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  1. Carol, it's good to see you back, you'll have to tell us what it was like. I think they still have Cybergranny and Char. Hope they're saying her name right!
  2. Andrea, you are a cutie pie, and you DO look 10 years younger. You have such an adorable smile. How tall are you? You really look awesome, you should be so proud. I'm going to show my DD these, they are great! Thanks so much for sharing.
  3. I think I'll try it, but maybe more onion and no celery. It sounds like a salmon croquetsp?. Thanks for the recipe.
  4. After reading all of your posts, I'm going to look at the spices I use for my pumpkin pie during the holidays and see what might be missing from this to cause it to be bland. (Maybe cinnamon). Also could you use low fat evaporated milk? I'll check the points.
  5. Hi Laura, I get 3 pts per serving with my little points finder, is that right? This sounds good will have to try it.
  6. LOL, me either (aren't we a pair)
  7. Joanne, could you make this in something besides a glass dish? I lost mine in the fire and have never replaced it. Thanks
  8. Congrats Hunnybunny, weigh to go! My turn! LOL
  9. Emmy congratulations, I love your little diddy of a song, are you gonna sell the rights?
  10. Lisa, me again, I just noticed you're in Colorado now. We lived there for almost 7 years and then moved back home. Have you found any WARM water. We never did! LOL :eek:
  11. Lisa, What they call North Padre Island. I'm actually in Ingleside, which is only 10 miles from Port A, but when we go for the day we go to the National Seashore. South Padre Island is down in the valley.
  12. Weigh to go Lisa! You go girl! Keep it up!
  13. I really love this and for those that were wondering if it freezes well, it does. I just got mine out the other day and put it in the fridg and it was great! I had some tonight and it was better than it was the first time. I used 1/2 lean ground beef this time and the rest morningstar crumbles. I used small curd fat free cottage cheese this time and brown rice (very little). I'll have it for dinner tomorrow. I really need this protein and it's a great way to get it!
  14. Hi Mary, I don't know about the Rival Smart Pot, but I have the oval Rival Slow Cooker and I love it! It sounds like yours is defective, but I'll let you here from someone who might have one. If you do exchange it the one I have is great. I use it at least 3 times a week.
  15. Shrimp is my favorite low point protein so I'll be trying this. Thanks
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