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  1. I love flavoured coffees! They keep me on track like you would not believe. Unfortunately for me, I do two things that are really bad...and I have to stop. 1. I skip breakfast because I am not hungry 2. the reason i am not hungry is because dh has weird late eating habits and i have supper with him late at night (9-10) and thus, I am eating late and not eating breakfast. Today, I have my coffee with 1/3 c dry milk in it. (I have a HUGE coffee cup that holds about 3 1/2 c coffee) and I did not bring my water jug OR lunch. So, I am afraid I am not doing very well today in regards to actually eating. Although, when I am done my coffee I will put the ol water to me. BABY STEPS are better than no steps at all.
  2. is TVP out? I hope not. It's cheap and i have this recipe that keeps me on track that is wonderful...
  3. Hi, I used to lurk for many years. I even signed up a couple of times and didn't do anything. Now, I am back and back OP. In my recent posts this week, I was planning on a cleanse and then didn't even make it my first day That is when I thought to myself...I did VERY well on core. VERY VERY well on core. So, here I am and hoping that today is good. So far, so good (maybe) I have not had anything for breakfast (bad) and I have been nursing this wonderful flavoured coffee all morning. This is 1 in the afternoon. I am sure I will grab a piece of fruit or something. I think I need to focus on eating core because it is healthier, easier and it doesn't feel like "ooh you are bad" whenever you eat something LOL
  4. Hi, A few years ago I started my journey with CORE. I LOVED it! It was primal LOL it was really fun to find ways to make things taste different and incorporate my favorite "tastes" into recipes...(cocoa and splenda makes pretty much ANYthing chocolate) I KNOW CORE inside and out (I am sure I can reach into my memory bank and my materials, I'm sure.) I would like to try the Simply Filling program, but I would like more info on it first because I know that it has changed from CORE. Can someone please direct me to useful threads on the forum for this to save some search time on my end? Thanks a lot!
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