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  1. Been walking in the AM before it gets too hot! Getting on track with food as well. Have a great day!
  2. Hi again, Getting back on track...again. Just did a cross country move, so time to get to work! Hope you are all well and have a great day : )
  3. Hello, Been very MIA, but now back on track! Hope everyone is well.
  4. Hi everyone!! Esther - hope you are feeling better soon. Nancy and Peggy - you are both doing great!! Heading outside for a walk - finally!! Has been either too cold, snowing or rainy! Hope you have a great OP day!!
  5. Hi everyone - been MIA from posting, but 100% on plan with eating, tracking and daily exercise. Bike 30 min and light weights. Have a terrific OP day!!
  6. Still doing well - determined to make this work. Been dealing with bad weather issues, so limited food in the house which is not a bad thing! Eating well, journaling and bike for 30 min. Have a great day!
  7. Kind of lazy day, but did walk the dog! Food OK and journaled.
  8. Just trying to keep busy. Having one of those "poor me" days and playing games and reading a bit. One of those days where I have to make sure I eat enough! Seems unheard of, but they happen every once in a while. Hope you both are well.
  9. Kept busy today as well - rain/snow mix so I walked the dog, then did the bike for 30 min and then later a walk/weights DVD...whew! It helps me sleep! Ate well and tracked! Have a great day....
  10. Hope you both have a wonderful day. Peggy - you are doing great -latkes sound wonderful! Esther -enjoy your day! Went for a walk this AM and making a small dinner for myself and the dog.
  11. Sounds like we are all well. Happy Holidays if you celebrate and if not, enjoy a quiet day
  12. Hello - Hope you both are doing well. Had another good day, so I will just keep moving forward! Went to my meeting, bike for 30 min and tracking too.
  13. Doing good. Eating well and walking and working on positive attitude. Peggy - I use those DVD' s too - they help a lot. Esther - you had asked where I live. I am currently in the Midwest. I became a widow a few months ago after caring for my DH and also in hospice. I have a young child, so dealing with that too. I just got back on WW at the end of Nov. I see Peggy is in CA -Esther, where are you located? Have a great OP day!!
  14. Hi Esther and Peggy- Glad to see you both. Esther - I was going to say maybe do a little walking while at the surgery center? Good stress relief Peggy - sounds like a good goal for your trip to New York! You will be fabulous!! I am doing OK. Keeping things simple. Have a great day.
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