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  1. I'm not a salsa fan but i love this recipe! Delicious with rice and as leftover the next day
  2. gmtn47

    Tortellini Salad

    This sounds delicious...will try it today for lunch!!!
  3. I'm inspired...again! Tired of looking and feeling old and fat. It seems I have a uniform that I wear even thought there are many clothes in my closet. I avoid really looking past my head in a mirror. Denial? I think so! I'm not expecting miracles just one day, one meal at a time is the best advice I learned here! Thanks for continued support
  4. Hi All, I love the encouragement here! I too am fat, old and out of shape and tired of looking and feeling like this. I am re-reading all your words and will probably do so often. Thank you and I will be re-joining Weight Watchers next week but will start tomorrow! I really need to do it this time.
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