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  1. That is so inspiring! Great Job!!!
  2. Tomorrow I start week 6 and I am a little nervous. As of my last weigh-in, I am down 9.6lbs. This has been a tough week for me and I went over my points both Monday and Wednesday nights. The difference this time around is that I didn't continue to stuff my face after I went over. In the past, I would say, "oh well" and do some serious damage. My best friend said that we are in this together and sometimes we may gain a little, but we will lose a lot. I am so lucky to be doing this with my best friend!
  3. Fantastic! Thank you so much for the inspiration!
  4. Go big or go home! That's the way to do it!!!
  5. I just bought my ActiveLink today. I am looking forward to seeing how much I really move throughout the day and how many acitivity points I actually earn.
  6. I made my 5lb goal at my third meeting. To me, it is my second week because the first week was the first weigh in before starting the program. Anyway, I lost 5.6 lbs. My leader missed giving me my award which really ticked me off. She was the one that weighed me in! I waited and waited and waited...then she announced someone that went to life time. Obviously she had forgotten. I politely reminded her and she pretended like she was just about to call me. REALLY!? I know that it may sound petty, but the whole point of the goals is to celebrate the milestones and it was my first one!
  7. Thank you for the support! Today is my fourth day and I feel that I am doing pretty well. We will see what happens on Saturday.
  8. I agree that the meetings can be TOTALLY cheesy. My leader is literally a cheerleader and the sacharin sweet lilt of her voice makes me a little nuts. The reason my friend and I go to the meetings is that the weekly core content is very important and the accountablilty of the weekly weigh in. We have tried to do WW on our own, but it has not worked for us. I wish they had a meeting for people that are into the etools, but other than that, I think meetings are a must.
  9. I so hate being cliche, but here I am for my New Year's resolution. I am one of those that have been on and off with Weight Watchers. I have tried everything like everyone else. Thought that I was "onto something" when I tried the Caveman's diet and lost 20 pounds about a year ago. I have been able to keep 10 of those pounds off, but want to get back on track and lose the mountain of pounds that I need to lose. I was a Bootcamp member before, but I can't remember my username and the email that I used back then is no longer so I have registerd anew. I have found these forums to be very helpful in the past and I am excited about starting again. One thing that is new for me this time is that my best friend is going to meetings with me.
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