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  1. Now THAT is a great idea for a non-food REWARD!!! Congratulations! And good job on avoiding the muffins as well!
  2. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! You look amazing! I want to go take pictures like this so that I can compare them later. What inspiration!
  3. Thanks for the welcome Jo Ann! I know I found a ton of support on this site previously and I'm excited to be back.
  4. I did WW back in the 90's and lost over 60 pounds. Kept if off for several years until I got laid off from work. Went back to WW and lost about 10 pounds on the point system. I am restarting WW on my own from the original program I used back in the 90's - which was the Quick Start Program (an exchange program). It worked much better for me than the points system did as I had to be stricter about what I ate and didn't eat as much junk/empty calories as I did on the points system. I received a lot of support from this site on my previous journeys and look forward to getting back on track. Lee
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