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  1. Welcome, Amber! WW will really help with your health problems, so take it one day at a time to stay on program. You can do it!
  2. Congrats to you and your DH! Getting off insulin is fabulous, as is the 130s.
  3. Congratuations! What a feat and an accomplishment!
  4. Finishing an Ann Rule crime file book; the title eludes me but I think it's #4 in the series.
  5. Maximilliam Schell - On the Wings of Love
  6. I had no idea they had new flavors out! I will look for this one and the chiptole flavor this week.
  7. Has anyone worked out at home with the DVD program? I am looking into purchasing it because there are no local classes.
  8. Hello all! I am a returning buddy who has not been around for several years. I restarted WW today and I already feel better. Looking forward to meeting/re-meeting all of you.
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