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  1. Is anyone still doing the old flex plan?
  2. Sorry I meant Pointsplus propoints was the old plan also.
  3. I also gave propoints another try. I did very well on momentum the first two weeks then just like propoints I lost motivation. It's not the plan its me I need to step up and do the plan for it to work.
  4. I too am back I tried to do the old plan for two weeks because I have it in my head that propoints doesn't work for me but neither did the old plan. Commitment is key.
  5. Thats an awesome start. Nice going.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Poundsdown is a name I came up with for a support group for a group of my friends and I. We are going to meet once a week for good advice, recipes and so on. This week actually pounds did go down 2.6 exactly. Have a great day everyone.
  7. Not a newbie been here done that before. What's different this time is it's for health reasons not vain reasons for me anyway. Good luck.
  8. It is funny to see just how many people are in the same boat. I too gained most of my weight back and never really looked at it as an advantage. I guess knowledge really is power. The basics of tracking, measuring, weighing and exercising still apply no matter what. We have the tools we just have to find it in ourselves to use them. I feel exactly the same way. I lost all self sense let myself go and my focus go in all aspects of life. But its never too late to change all of that to get up and fight for yourself. We can and will do this.
  9. I have used many many many old recipes on here glad they will still be around.
  10. Wow I feel this thread is me talking. I just gave up on Points Plus and went back to Momentum because I had all old material and calculator. I can not tell you how refreshing it is. I lost 40 pounds on Momentum and could not even lost 5 on Points Plus. Something had to give so I am going back to the old school way of tracking on paper. Im a very happy camper right now. I peeked and already down 2lbs. Do what is best for you.
  11. Sometimes we have to take those baby steps to get back on track. Good for you
  12. Hello! My name is Nadine and I am starting fresh. I haven't been here for quite sometime so I created a new profile. I am ready to lose the weight for good. This is a great website.
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