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  1. WOW! You are trully an inspiration! What advice do you have for a 100+'er like me who is just (re)starting?!
  2. Congrats! You are an inspiration!
  3. How can I upload my own picture to use as my avatar?
  4. I am a returning member of BCB. I have made 16 posts (now 17) and have updated my profile and I still cant get into the other posts. This is very discouraging
  5. Wow! You are an inspiration! What an amazing feat in less than 1 year! You look like a completely different person!
  6. Amazing!! Congrats! keep up the great work! I am hoping to lose over 100 lbs, and you are an inspiration!
  7. I'm going to use this one!
  8. What a great way to look at things!
  9. The point I was going to make, exactly!
  10. Great job with jumping right back on track after falling a little! Keep up the good work!
  11. This is my first time doing the 360 plan, I had a lot of success with the old plan. I hope I can figure out how to work it!
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