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  1. and the scale was GOOD to me today. Lost a total of 6 pounds this week. (the 3 I gained last week must have been water weight which I lost this week plus a few extra pounds. I am a happy camper. Ready to face another week OP. Keep on keepin on everyone. If I can do it so can you!
  2. somehow I managed to gain 3 pounds back. I am not sure what I did wrong but it is what it is and I will just keep plugging along op Maybe I was just too cocky about how rapidly I was losing and the powers that be thought I needed a wake up call. Ok I got the message. Work a little harder. Not doing near enough exercise. I ordered some Leslie Sansone walking cds to get me going on my tread mill more faithfully. We'll see what that does. In the meantime, I am finding some interesting products that fit into my program very well. From Thomas's, a pumpkin spice english muffin for only 4 points. Great paired with some Oscar Mayer shaved ham or turkey and some cranberry sauce on top. Grill it up and YUM. Great for any meal. Well weigh in is Tuesday again. Will check back in then. In the meantime have a great weekend everyone.
  3. hang in there Renee. If this old lady can do it so can you! age 70 I also am doing the online thing and find I like it better than the meetings. I did the meetings all the other times I did WW. I have to face my own demons. I am using the PP+ too and it is sooooooo easy. I almost flipped when I saw I only got 26 points each day but with fruits and veggies being freebies, it has been easy. I have lost 13 pounds in the past 5 weeks with 25 more to go to my final goal (which COULD change once I see what I look like at 38 pounds lighter. I will be thinking good thoughts for you. And if you wish to email me just to chat or share ideas and recipes, please do kamperstampr@new.rr.com
  4. thank you to WW. In the past month I have taken off a little over 10 pounds of ugly fat. A total of 13 pounds off in 5 weeks, and another 20 pounds to go to my final goal. I am setting small goals right now-----my next one is to be down another 5 pounds by Christmas. I am sure somewhere along the way I am going to hit a plateau but for now I am just grateful for the success I have been blessed with so far. I am so glad I came back to WW. My esophagus problems and hiatal hernia have not shown any improvement so far but I am hoping another 10 to 15 pounds off will bring some improvement with that. In the meantime I am going to just stay on program as best I can. Not gonna be easy cause I am gonna start making Christmas cookies and candies next week. Anyone got any good ideas for staying op during the holidays? IF so please share them with me. I really am a sugarholic and need all the help I can get. Until next week----------God bless you all and hang in there. This is soooo worth the effort~
  5. I lost another 3.8 pounds. I thought sure I was going to gain or at least stay at the same weight. But nope almost 4 pounds. I haven't been under 170 pounds in several years. I am sooooooooooo thankful. WW rocks!
  6. Hi everyone I am so happy just finished my 2nd week on program and an now down a total of 4 pounds already. I know it won't continue to come off this fast all through my journey. Been through the program several times before and realize that in the first few weeks you usually seem to lose faster. But I am patient and will just take it one day at a time. Am getting used to the program and find it quite easy to follow. Keep on keepin on.
  7. and I must say----it wasn't too difficult. Getting used to the new points system is proving to not be a difficult as I thought it would be. Now onto week 2. Things to work on-------exercise and drink more water.
  8. I am Barbra. I am a lifelong member (or was) but have managed yet again to put back on the pounds I took off. This time I come to WW to lose the weight for health reasons. Probably the only GOOD reason I have had alll these years. I have a hiatal hernia which my chiropractor says is being aggrevated by the 35+ pounds I carry mostly around my mid section. I am also fighting acid reflux and an ulcerated esophagus. Yeah I am a slow learner. Much of this could have been avoided if I had just continued with the good eating habits I learned from being on WW the last couple times. Well this time it is going to be different. Adopting this as my lifestyle. At age 70, I figure its about time. Hope to make some new friends here who maybe share some of my problems. Maybe we can solve them together.
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