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  1. I am free, not at my personal goal, but WW goal. I use the tracker on the phone all the time, its a second nature for me. I love the program and want it to continue improving.
  2. I love the program, but I feel some changes lately. The WW magazine, that used to be very good, is terrible lately. I used to read the editorial by CEO, very inspiring, but gone.... Nothing really to justify the cost of the magazine. The web site is getting worse all the time. You have to sign in on the computer every time you log in, and you have to do it, if you want to have the full content. I Phone and Ipad app has only limited information, good for simple tracking but not for more complicated things. I'm not informes, but it seems to me, like they have been some changes in the company, and they are not fo r the better, so I'm not surprised the stock is falling. Elizabeth
  3. Hi, I,m Elizabeth and I have found myself fighting against this cold and snowy weather. I am a daily exerciser, and the past coupe of weeks I had to stay home, bored, tired and with plenty of food in the pantry...not an unhealthy stuff, but food is food . I thin I'm up 4 pounds since my January weight in. Hopefuly I will be able to make it to the meeting on Friday. I'm sure I will have to pay, but I need meetings to put me back on track. It has been one hard winter! Elizabeth
  4. emarek

    Back at goal

    Finally!!! it took me a year to lose the last 6 pounds. I have been in good standing through Christmas, Mexico vacation, week of ilness, and now we are snowed in. I find it it incredibly challenging...the combination of being more or less idle, the proximity of the pantry, all this cold weather seems to be eating at my willpower. Any good advice how to deal with it? Elizabeth
  5. Just wanted to wish you the healthy and happy 2014!!! I survived the holidays without the weight gain, and maybe even a loss. My center was closed on Christmas and today (mu meeting day is Wednesday) so I had to rely on my home scale. I am trying different meals from the Simple Start...love this APP! Elizabeth
  6. It may continue...I think we all become a little too smart with the program, and some time we misuse it, but it always shows in the results. Keep the resolve and attitude of the first weeks, and you will be very successful. Elizabeth
  7. I'm getting close to goal, and I was down 1.6 last week, which is a lot for me (I'm 5'2" and 67). Down 1.4 the previous week, I think eating mostly "simply filling" way helps.
  8. I took my usual fitness class in the morning, then walked 2.5 miles, because the sun came up, and took Zumba class in the evening. All that gave me 9 points in Active Link. I do not "eat" my exercise points, but sometimes I noticed that lots of exercise can cause weight gain the next day...and I w/i tomorrow. Is it just me, or somebody else noticed a weight gain after a heavy exercise day? Elizabeth
  9. I use it often, especially for breakfast. I really have 3 breakfasts that I rotate, so it makes tracking very simple. I don't like recipe builder, because it sometimes doubles the points of my meals. I make wraps for lunch, where flataout light and protein are the only ingredients with points, and in the recipe builder they cam be very "pricey". Elizabeth
  10. WW came up with a new app, in principle for people just starting, but I think it can be good for everybody. Two weeks of simple preplaned meals, of "simply filling" variety. It may be a part of new program rolling out this month. Elizabeth
  11. I would like a December thread. It is a difficult month and this year the winter seems to start early, it's cold and dark. I like to walk outside with my dh, but last couple of weeks we didn;t log in too many miles. I decided I need to be more careful with eating!!! Elizabeth
  12. Hallo, I am new (again) to the Bootcamp. I have been trying to get back to my goal, I'm 6 pounds away, but lately it's up and down, with no real result. I don't really believe in "plateaus", usually it means that I have lost my mojo, and I'm sloppy with the program. I am 67 and 5'2", which is not helping. The Bootcamp has helped me several years ago, and I hope it can help me again. As we all know well, we are never done... Elizabeth
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