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  1. I am not doing Simple start, I just went right to Simply Filling. I counted all points for years and now that I am using Simply filling I find this much easier. You can just count points if you want but I find just counting the extras less stressful. Good luck on what you do and no you don't have to start with Simple Start.
  2. I just started Simply Filling last week and lost 6.8 at wi day. I love not having to count every point and I feel more relaxed using SF.
  3. I try to eat a protein with every meal and snack.
  4. There are some groups I would like to get into even just to read....I feel penalized for being new
  5. I am also new here. Is it always this slow. This week was my first week of SF. I like it. Suprised since i have done all the points counting and pre points. It makes more sense sorta like before they had point counting. Not as crazy as only 1/2 slice of bread lol
  6. I am trying the Simply Filling now and am enjoying it. I did the point tracking for many years and before that just the regular eating program. For me so far I am most relaxed and enjoy SF more than any other plan they have put out there. Bread you can have light bread. The one I eat is also a low carb bread. Don't know why you think you cant have it. Good luck to all of you
  7. Excited about Simply Filling. I have done the point system and am truly done with it. Just can't count another full meal of points. Day 5 today on SF...doing well on it. Thank you so much for this forum, it will be a big help for me.
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