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  1. I am going to try this tomorrow with the Chili with Chocolate and Sherry, Thanks...KimR
  2. I have seen alot of recipes for chili using chocolate, why? I am going to try it anyways, Thanks, KimR
  3. Sounds good, I think I'll have to try this...THanks, KimR
  4. Can't wait to try this one...KimR
  5. OH, I am going to try this tonight, Thanks for the recipe KimR
  6. KimR

    * Help Wanted *

    I LOVE IT!!!! KimR
  7. KimR

    * Help Wanted *

    I LOVE IT!!!! KimR
  8. This sounds really good..I think I'll try it over the whipped califlower...Thanks KimR
  9. MMMMM...Can't wait to try this...I think maybe tomorrow...Thanks KimR
  10. I can't wait to try these..I'll keep watching for them...They would be great for a breakfast sandwich...KimR
  11. I make a breakfast sandwich each morning to take to work, I use.... 1 Thomas (carb counting)Bagel 2pts. 1 pc. of FF sliced cheese 1pt. 1/4 C. egg beaters 1pt. 1 Boca Breakfast sausage 1pt. Great for breakfast, and really filling! KimR
  12. Kimmie, I agree with everyone else, you have to do what is best for you! Myself, I need the weekly meetings. It helps to keep me accountable.The bootcamp buddies also help to keep me motivated.Good luck, and keep posting.. KimR
  13. I am a diet coke-aholic..I just can't seem to try anything else, but with all the great reviews, I guess I will have to try it. Thanks...KimR
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