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  1. Peggy, I know how frustrating when the scale won't budge so I will ask the usual questions: Are you getting enough: protein, calcium, sleep, water, healthy fat ? Are you weighing, measuring everything? Are you eating lots of carbs( carbohydrate) the hydrate stands for water and it is held when you eat lots of carbs
  2. Peggy of course there are no guarantees, longer life? don't know, I am only looking at quality of life. the more you move the more you can move, would I take 20 years in a wheelchair or 10 years walking around? I would take the 10 years walking around, it is all about quality of life and independence. keep moving, the more you move the more you gain/maintain, stop moving and you will lose ground that you may never recover.
  3. Peggy with your pacemaker, knee replacement and bad knee you are such an inspiration, so many people would use those things as an excuse not to exercise. I can see why the water aerobics and such are part of your routine, you go girl, you are a wonderful example of "I can"
  4. I am keeping myself accountable, this journal is the best I have found, it is spiral bound so it is easy to keep it open to my spot, and it has 26 weeks to record food as well as exercise, what is going on in my thinking and a weekly wrap up where I can assess what went well, what didn't and what can I do better. I am fine with the food, I need to get in more exercise. that is my goal this week
  5. I have been 100% OP for 6 weeks, I have lost almost 12 lbs, clothes are fitting better, I can take the jeans out of the dryer put them on and they are comfortably loose. People have noticed I lost weight and I can feel it. DANGER ZONE, this is the time when it is so easy to slack off, have something off program, slip a little, only to find myself totally off program without seeing it happen. It happens slowly, I skip writing down my meals because they are the same just about every day, I get careless with measurments and eyeball everything, I take something extra and because I know I am not going to write it down, I don't care. so today I resisted the urge to not journal, I measured and counted everything. I am re-newing my efforts to keep going on this journey. I know a weight loss journey can take turns we don't expect, sometimes we have to make a U turn to get back on track, sometimes we go sideways instead of forward, I can handle these things but I need to avoid the sidestreets that are dead ends where I park myself and stop the journey. Today I take a positive step to stay the course
  6. that is a great idea, in my mind I think 3 oz is supposed to be the size of a deck of cards, I would rather measure, when I guess I usually guess higher than it is. I like to weigh, measure and portion my food when i get it so I don't have the excuse of not having time. I use that Glad press and seal wrap, I portion my chicken and pork and wrap and freeze or refrigerate in single portions, they defrost quickly like that too. I buy the little snack bags and dutifully count out 25 pistachios and fill enough bags for the week, then put the big bag where it isn't easy to get to. Oh the tricks I play on myself to stick with it!
  7. I don't think your menu is boring, here is a sample of mine, breakfast and lunch and snacks are essentially the same everyday Breakfast 6am 1/2-3/4 c egg beaters with onions, mushroom, peppers, and a chicken sausage snack 8 am- lite cheese stick and a bunch of cut up celery no dressing or salt snack 10 am non fat lite yogurt lunch 1230- tossed salad, with ff or lf dressing and 2-3 oz of baked skinless chicken breast, with a yogurt snack 2pm 25 pistachios dinner 5pm. 3 oz lean protien( chicken, boneless pork chop, turkey burger) a 1 lb bag of frozen or equal fresh veggies(brocolli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, asparagus) with a few shots of the spray margarine. snack-another yogurt, or cheese stick, or ricotta dessert, sf jello, cottage cheese I am doing as low carb as I can, my Dr said that low carb, low fat is the right way to lose. I only eat beef and pork once per week, I am also trying to limit my processed foods, can't be helped with yogurt and egg beaters and they are essential to my food plan. I eat small , lite meals and frequent snacks, so I am never hungry and my metabolism stays revved up. since I quit the carbs i have no cravings, but i did have detox for a week with headache and fatigue. I can't control when I am eating carbs. I do make 'cloud' bread it is just made with separated eggs and a little spice, I just love it and I can have 'sandwiches' again. I just got a scale on Jan 12 so that is the first time I was able to weigh myself, I am down almost 12 lbs since then
  8. Peggy, good idea to stay off the scale for a bit, what is your plan to change things up? What will you change? How about pick one meal a day that will be low/no carb, instead of cereal for breakfast have eggs or egg beaters scrambled with veggies and topped with lite cheese with chicken sausage, or at dinner have lean protein and 2 veggies without potatoes, rice, or pasta. what will you do differently with exercise? figure out your plan, write it down. I made myself a full page defining my diet and exercise plan, I lists what I can and can't have and what I have to have. it is a great reminder for me post some menus, let us help you
  9. Peggy, you can't give up. I just about always hit a spot where I am up in lbs for no reason and I just can't get the scale to reflect the work I am doing. In the past I would get frustrated and say what the heck and give up. I have talked in length to my Dr about this situation and here is what she said to me. When we eat about the same calories and do the same exercise over and over sometimes our bodies decide that since that is all they are getting for calories they are going to adjust their metabolism to burn just those calories. To break out of this you have to shake things up, surprise your body. One way is to eat the low end of points one day and the high end the next and rotate these days all week. Change your workout if you generally walk, pick a couple of spots in your walk where you turn on the heat and power walk as fast as you can for 5 mins, then walk normal til you recover and repeat, Muscle burns more calories than fat so do some weight training every other day. change your food, try low carb, lean protein for a week, and as always weigh, measure, count, and write it down. Make sure you are getting enough lean protein and calcium. if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got. Good luck, post some of your menus.
  10. I got out of bed, looked in the mirror and said " you are fabulous, you are doing great, keep it up"
  11. I am putting me first, my needs, my health, if I am not my best I can't help anyone else. My health is my priority. Dr visit showed how hard I have worked to get my cholesterol in a good place, it dropped 46 points by diet and exercise.
  12. I am 100% honest with myself, I am accountable, I am posting every bit of food, exercise, moods, and losses in my daily journal.
  13. I now have 25 OP days strung together- I did it by being 100% accountable, I write every bite, every minute of exercise, and I weigh myself every Sunday morning. I just bought scales 2 weeks ago, so I don't know how much I started at but in 2 weeks I am down 5.5 lbs.
  14. in a pinch I have scrapped sauces and gravies off of a piece of chicken, most menus will include at least one veggie you can eat, and also a salad, I pack my own dressing,but the key here is that the meal shouldn't be the focus of the gathering, it should be on why you got together, I make sure I eat before I go out, I might have a salad and an apple and follow it up with a yogurt, then I just pick on a little food and concentrate on my company.
  15. Today I ate a healthy breakfast that was planned and wrote it down I packed a healthy lunch, counted every morsel and wrote it down. I made a decision on dinner and took the chicken out of the freezer. I made a committment to work out from 2-3pm as my lunch hour.
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