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  1. Down 2.8 pounds this week! I'm using the old Winning Points System of Weight Watchers and love it! Looking forward to posting and seeking support in my journey. Looking to lose 40 pounds.
  2. I am new to bootcamp. I am alittle unclear on when we can post to other boards? There arent many new conversations going on on this training camp board and I really need to stay on track and be able to talk to others who are losing too. Id like to join the 40's board. Does anyone know how long we have to stay on this board before we can post on the other? Just not alot of conversations going on on this board?
  3. I too would also like to be able to post on the 40's board???? there arent many topics here in the training area Not sure why we wouldnt be able to post in the other areas?
  4. bless your heart! You can do this! It is so courageous to take charge of your health! Good luck to you! YOU CAN DO THIS!
  5. I survived the new year and have not gained any. However i havent lost any either. I am beginning my program (this is first week) and im going to make it a success. My husband and I are working out together and doing this as a team. I do the weight watchers old program winning points and love it. good luck to all of you!
  6. I have tried my fitness pal in the past and It was very helpful. I however love the weight watchers winning points program. It really does work and it keeps you accountable for what you eat and what you get to eat extra by earing activity points. The way I see it, ANYTHING you use to keep you accountable is a wonderful tool! Good luck!
  7. I wanted to also post that I am currently 163 pounds, Im 4'11" tall and Im following weight watchers winning points program again. I have a 13 week goal as of right now to lose 28 pounds. Thats approx 2 pounds a week (the rate I lost on winning points before). I know my charts say I should weigh 98 pounds to 125 pounds but Ive been that low in the past and i feel HORRIBLE at that low. 135 is a very comfortable weight for me and I can maintain there. So this is my goal for 2014. By april 22, 2014 (my birthday) Id like to be down 28 pounds. I CAN do this! Start weight: 163 pounds Start date: 1-27-14 Weigh In Days: Mondays Goal to weigh 135 pounds
  8. Hello Bootcamp Buddies! My name is Jennifer. I have recently been through some life changing events. I turned 40 two years ago and lost over 45 pounds. I kept it off for a year. However I filed for divorce after 22 years of an abusive marriage and started my life on my own. My children are grown and I have a granddaughter. The divorce was horrific. Threats, abuse, I was scared and felt like I couldnt leave my house. However the silver lining in the whole bit was I met a man that has changed my life forever. After being out of school for 20 plus years I reunited with a boy I went to high school with (little did I know but I was his first love) We have been literally inseparateable for a year and a half now. He is kind and caring and is a great father. We got married in October and have started our lives together. I am now a step mother to two beautiful daughters and loving life to its fullest. Love should never hurt---and my new husband has shown me that! I never knew unconditional love until now. Amidst all the chaos of the divorce, I found myself going back down the "comforting myself with food" avenue. I gained back the entire 45 pounds. The difference now being I have a husband who supports ME.......not makes me feel like im fat, or unattractive. He tells me Im beautiful each and every day. He is 100% supportive of me taking the steps to getting my health back and losing my weight. I suffer from asthma and epilepsy, so it is of dire importance that I keep my health in check. I am so happy to be a part of this group and have the tools and support to motivate and keep me on track. So much information here! I am pleased to be a part of this group of such strong people. Id like to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of this team! On December 8, 2013 my husband and I committed ourselves to the Lord in church. We have begun a journey now in life that is unstoppable. I was a weight watchers member and I do the old "winning points" program at home. I have had much success with this, for it keeps me accountable and makes me earn my activity points. nothing is given to you upfront, you must earn it.....and that works for ME. We are beginning a wellness center that our local high school offers and walking the halls in the school for free. It is an amazing place. Once again, thank you for your support and I look forward to posting daily and tracking my progress. Life is too short to have regrets. God put us on a path that HE chose for a REASON. Nothing is regret, just a classroom of knowledge. Moving forward and thanking the lord for the knowledge I have to begin a new journey. Nice to meet ya'll!!! Sincerely, Jennifer Oyer Indiana:bcb_bigsm
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