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  1. I am desperately trying to become a member of this online community. From what I've read after 15 posts I will have more access....Here's hoping.
  2. These look good, I guess I'll have to try some of these
  3. Just take it slow, if you do thirty minutes now, maybe just add 7 for now, and do that for a week or two, and just keep graduating up. Be careful, and take it slow.
  4. I keep posting, but I can't even unlock my profile to update that. I was here before. I don't have a problem with the new rule, but it seems like the new rules are not set up so that they are automatically updated. It's very frustrating for me. No one who is a seasoned member reads thew newbie forums, so I can't even get support there. It's very frustrating.
  5. I did use the contact us, I haven't heard anything, and I still can't post elsewhere or update my profile. Any suggestions?
  6. Maybe it's 5 posts in five days? I still can't access the rest of the forums...
  7. I have also done the minimum posts, and still cannot access my profile to be able to use the boards fully. Jessica
  8. I've had a rough day today, so tonight all I want to do is eat. I'm not really hungry, but it's comforting to eat. I had a long day at work only to come home and have a fight with my 15 year old. This has been a constant over the past couple of years, which may be why I turned to eating again before. I'm trying not to allow my emotions to have anything to do with my eating, but it's difficult for me. I think I'm just going to turn in for the night, at least this way I'm not eating. Jessica
  9. Today I counted all of my points, and drank all of my water. I will do this!
  10. The beautiful thing about WW is that you can customize it to fit your lifestyle. It really is all about healthy choices and moderation. Some of us just need a little extra help with the moderation portion. Mine is a mental "thing" I have to remind myself constantly that food will not soothe my emotions or make things better. I hope that you are able to find a way to make this work for you, because you really will feel so much better in the long run. Good luck to you!
  11. Me too! I can't wait to be back where I was and more three years ago. Baby steps, baby steps! Good luck to you!
  12. Tonight I had subway because of poor planning, tonight I also pulled out chicken for dinner tomorrow night.
  13. Always so wise CW. I wish I had never stopped now. Jessica
  14. Hi everyone, I was once a member of BCB, and I posted often. About three years ago I stopped using WW. I am back to my high weight (almost) and sadly must once again start my journey. I know how to do this, and have gotten back on track using WW online. I'm excited to get this moving and grooving. I know how to do this, I just have to keep working the plan! Jessica
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