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  1. GerryFox

    5% goal!!!!

    Great Stuff ... how's it going now? ...
  2. What are cedar planks? Never heard of those ... (based in UK so I'm guessing they may be a U.S. thing?) ...
  3. I am going to try this with a sugar substitute ... will see how it goes
  4. Have copied this recipe & scooting down the shops now for the ingredients ... sounds sublime ...
  5. That is very inspiring ... how is it now 8 months in ? ...
  6. How is it going now? Have you managed to maintain? ... hope so great job!
  7. GerryFox

    Cajun Crawfish Salad

    Where do you get "Kraft Miracle Whip Non-Fat Salad Dressing" in the UK? ... (love cajun spices)
  8. GerryFox

    Almond Milk

    My partner uses Almond Milk readily availble from waitrose in the uk ...
  9. Lots of great recipes here ... will keep me going for a while ;-)
  10. Hi, My mum has really bad arthritic knees and lower back. I have started with symptoms in rt hip. Trying Honeygar (from H&B) been taking 6 weeks or so. I think putting socks on is easier now ... but could be in the mind. All the best for the surgery. Please report back. Thanks ... Gerry
  11. Hi I'm Gerry - I've been over weight for about twenty years or so now ... starting to take its toll. Looking for lifestyle change ... and support (the reason for being here). Thanks ... Gerry
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