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  1. SAME here! The meetings are not handy and the WW boards do not exist anymore. I am thankful this wonderful group is here.
  2. Hi, coming back to the bootcamp. I have been away for awhile and I miss this group. It wasn't to active when I looked months ago. I just found out the WW official sight does not have a board anymore. I need friendship and motivation. I do not like Connect. I just had to quick Nutrisystem as I found out I am very allergic to soy. I need to study how to do WW again and more clean eating. Thanks, Tree
  3. I am so happy I came back to this group tonight. Planning on becoming a member again to WW but can't decide on meetings or online only. I want to focus on the Core/Simply Filling.
  4. Thanks for the reply and I was just wondering where all the cool people are. I will hang out as I am excited to begin again and get moving in a positive direction. I am going to a meeting this coming Wednesday and I am hoping my husband follows along. He needs to just loose a few pounds but I am trying to get him to help me.
  5. Hello! I am back again after being away a few years. I have been using myfitnesspal, and recently have been doing Nutrisystem. I just told my husband that I was thinking of going to WW again as with the spring coming, right..we can say spring is coming as it is March 1! I can't wait to sit outside and grill and enjoy the evenings with my husband. I think using little dinners already prepared for me are not going to work. The food is good though, I do not mind it. I am planning on going to a meeting on Wed night and get the books and see it I want to do meetings or on-line. I have not ever been successful at WW...this time I will follow and be successful.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I think I will go to a meeting and get the materials and wait until the end of the promotion and decide to continue meetings or online.
  7. Thanks! I got it all set back up as I find the instructions online. Excited to begin again.
  8. Brilliant - I just found my old Points Plus calculator - does it still work with the program that is out online now? planning on joining this next week or so. Thanks, Tree
  9. Hi, I am new to Weight Watchers again and I am excited to join in here again and learn all about the program. Is there someplace online here that will show me my points before I join online? I have an app on my phone called Pts Plus Diary but not sure if it is doing the current information. My phone crashed the other day and I had to reinstall my apps. Thanks for any help sent my way. Tree
  10. I got confused so I just set up a new username. I bet I have been gone for at least two years. I am so excited to start using this awesome site again. Hi, I am back and considering to rejoin WW meetings or do it online again. I have been working on counting calories and using MFP. Not sure what I want to do and suddenly I remembered this fantastic website so here I am. If anything it will help me get back on the wagon and focus. I have been using NS and I like it well enough but I really miss cooking and with the grilling season coming up and warmer weather I will want to eat what I cook for my husband. My name is Teresa and use Tree as my nickname. Any advice on the new WW program? I can't find to much online but I just started looking. Thanks for still being here!
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