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  1. Stevia is great and accepted now by everyone. It's very very sweet so you need to put far less than sugar into your recipes.
  2. Nice one - these brownies look great and easy to make
  3. If you eat that cream cake you need a check up from the neck up
  4. Hi tnragan - please tell me what you find out - especially about combatting stiffness and joint pain. By the way can you edit your profile yet? I think there's a minimum number of posts - maybe 15 to do this.
  5. I'm trying to join the community - I've made over 10 posts but I can't edit my profile which means I can't join in with the other boards. The threads look interesting so it'd be nice to participate.
  6. Commiserations on teenagers and the constant battles - you're definitely not alone
  7. Eat to live don't live to eat
  8. How about using Stevia instead of Splenda?
  9. It does look a bit higher than 2.5 - but I'll try it anyway
  10. Banana and strawberry is a good combination and goes well with the Greek Yogurt
  11. I like the look of that shake - I'm going to get some FF and SF ice cream and try it with that - yum
  12. 2 Green Apples 2 Cucumbers 1 cup Kale 1 cup Parsley 1 tbsp. Olive Oil Put in the juicer or blend for a smoothie Only 137 calories
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