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  1. I am looking for easy, nutritious foods that are different. With left over salmon in my refrigerator, I used thin bread ( 1 point) 1 TBS of light cream cheese (1) and a little less than an ounce of salmon (1 point) and a slice of tomato -- zero points, to make a great 3 point breakfast (or snack.) I recommend it. Senior Paddler
  2. So, I continue to read Rewire and it is a bit more psychodynamic than is my preference, however one thing stuck -- a piece of research that found that if one practiced more self control in one part of ones life -- like setting up and following a routine about cleaning and decluttering, then improvement was found in other areas of self-control, such as managing food choices or exercising regularly. I guess it makes sense that I find myself working on several habit streams simultaneously.
  3. I have read a couple of books lately on the neuroscience of habits. Roughly, it talks about the conscious, deciding brain and the automatic, how I've always done it brain - the one that drive a lot of my eating. Rewire by O'Connor is my current book, I'm listening to it on audible. I've worked my way through The Power of Habit by Duhigg, too. I have become more aware of how I have both neurocircuits working in my brain, if you will - the conscious and the unconscious. I can eat the right things, in the right amounts and do enough movement to make a difference. I have done that for longs blocks of time, actually. I know how, the challenge is doing what I know how to do. I get derailed (it feels so automatic, so natural to fall off the plan) and it is often incredibly hard to recapture the "in control" me. Somehow this idea of the habits and the ability for the brain to rewire is incredibly hopeful. I think the most important thing I need to do is to learn to "get back on the horse" without heavy self-criticism, to get back on the horse again and again without embarrassment, to get back on the horse repeatedly until it too becomes a habit. Is anyone else working with this concept of habits? I'd love to hear both your understanding of this concept and they way you put it into action. Senior Paddler
  4. Made a couple of recipes that I found here. One called "Inside Out Egg Roll" and a modified one using a high fiber cereal and blueberries. This has been a day I have wanted to eat and eat, to combat the cold weather, but these have been great things to do that with. Still well within expected points.
  5. Jennifer wrote --- If you are not feeling "sore" a day or two after strength training, then chances are, you need to focus on these two things. Have someone at your gym (hopefully a personal trainer) help you with your form as well as what weight is appropriate. Or, if you work out at home, you should choose a weight that you can do 8-12reps with. If you can't complete 8 repetitions, then the weight is too heavy. If you can do more than 12 (without struggling), then the weight is too light. I had my second personal training session. The last time I felt sore the day after. This time, I was brushed when I finished the session. We really upped to ante today, but I feel beat. Is that OK or should I not try so hard? Paddler
  6. One thing I've done to advance my cause -- Signed up and completed two personal training sessions, done 30 minutes of cardio in addition. I have recorded my eating, now 25 days. I am hungry now, but plan to wait another 40 minutes until dinner is served.
  7. For me, the issue is portion control. Having little bags with points marked, helps. Some can be carried, some left in the fridge. Pretzels, carrot sticks. I have enjoy small portions of smoked salmon and cucumber pieces.
  8. I have just started again, like so many other times, I guess. But I have started and in fact are on day 5. Today, I journaled. I have been using myfitnesspal app connected to my fit bit. That keeps me honest.
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