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  1. Thks. for all the responses, today is day 5 for me and I am struggling and learning, I need to plan more as I have been eating what I normally have except for the common sense stuff like chips, butter, bagels, cokes. I looked up the pts. the next day and saw where I need to improve, now that I got the books and joined online tonite I should be in better shape, actually I have stayed in my range except for the Boston Market meal the other nite. I thought "should i go to Boston or Subway"? and assumed the chicken meal would be better but found out Boston was worse, I was confused about the sub lookup on the points, they list a sandwich as x pts. then they have a listing of the sub roll. Not sure if the sandwich included the bread or if you have to add the two. I was surprised that WW online did not have a store unless I missed it, I have become a big fan of the fruities which I bought at the meeting-I may have to go back just to buy these-I hope I can get to a point where ill say " have an apple instead of the fruities or popcorn ".
  2. Thank you, i must be blind - I am new and just got my book - no slider.
  3. Polish kielbasa sausage Snowcaps - i goofed yesterday and ate a box of this little dark choc. caps with the white dots ( like mini non parils ).
  4. I could give it another shot - maybe on a diff. day - i work fulltime so some of the meeting times are no good as i start work at 500am. It would be a problem going to a diff. location due to distance and traffic. I like your thought of " smart girl " and ill use that, I was ah geez when i saw all the size 2's and 4's in their 20's. I was not given any info - but i did not pay - I just said i wanted to check a meeting out - i was then told only stay for 20 min. of the meeting and come out if i want to join and it would be 10 weeks for 125.00. I stayed for the whole meeting and did not join.
  5. The leader was maybe 90 lbs and about 26yrs. old. She lost 35 lbs. I would say there was about 60 people-50 in the line to get weighed and about 10 sitting in the chairs. She talked about her boyfriend saving his 35 pts. so he could eat wings for the superbowl and she was giddy. Then she made announcements for people that lost some weight and they got keychains. The majority were thin and young. I am 56 and have nothing against young people but i was a thin girl up until age 35-40 and then ballooned and i know its alot easier to lose weight when you are younger ( for me ) because i did it all the time. I am not saying anything bad about the meeting, i just felt out of place weight wise and age wise. I have never been to a meeting and I did not learn anything except for the fact i dont know the point values yet. Many people were in line to buy shakes, candy, bars, etc. I was the fat one and the old one ! Ha ! Yes, i could give it another shot and let you know if they were all on maintenence but then again its hard for ME to relate to a majority of 20 somethings who can lose easier, dont have health problems, bad backs, etc. ( not all but the majority ). I am thinking the online or at home program may be better for me with the support of this site. WW may gear the meeting to the local market which is good business.
  6. Thanks Nessa, where on this board could i find one buddy to email daily, i know thats a good idea, im going to reconsider the meetings based on your imput - to be honest i dont know if i can do it on my own or online without the weigh in.
  7. Well, I went to check a meeting out because I dont know if I want to join online or do it at home ( all with the support of this site ). Honestly, 90% of the people attending the meeting were thin, i mean size 2 or 4's, perhaps its my location ????? South Florida. I felt like the fat one, depressed, and not real great to be honest. Its hard for me to believe that the large majority were overweight and there for maintaining. I am definately going to do WW but don't know about the meetings.
  8. I want to start WW but cannot afford the program ( attending meetings ) would be difficult. I see there are starter kits on ebay but some of those are not cheap either. Could one get by with just purchasing the book listing the points for the foods- does the book tell you how to use the program ? Would i be better off joining online for 3 months or so ? All advice appreciated.
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