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  1. Thank you Ann. I just wish we could bottle the determination for those weak moments! At the moment I'm putting all the plans in place and though I'm being semi-good at the moment, it really starts 1st January. Thank you for the welcome Amanda x
  2. I've made the decision and next year is the year I am finally going to do this! I possibly won't get to goal weight in time for my 50th in October but that doesn't matter. My aim is to be within a healthier BMI and look and feel better for then. This is my promise and will be my gift to myself, I have to be accountable to myself but would dearly appreciate support for the times of weakness which will happen! I will gladly offer any help and support that I can as well. I hope all are having a wonderful Christmas, I for one will be glad when all the chocolates have been eaten and there is no more temptation in the house!:bcb_bigsm
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