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  1. Ordered a manual treadmill today. I know me....and having to get in my car and drive someplace to walk just isn't happening. I faced that this morning and ordered before I changed my mind.
  2. I have never browned potatoes in my microwave. I think I'll try this tonight. Coming from low carb to WW, the options are mind boggling. lol
  3. Got my note pad, busy writing down recipes. This goes in it! Thanks.
  4. I'm new to the boards, but have been gleaning from your recipes. This one is a winner for me. Thank you, thank you!
  5. yumm...cilantro. I will have to try this with cilantro.
  6. I'm here, grancy....I'll keep you company till they let me post in the big kids' forums.
  7. Well, this is my second day doing WW. One thing I have done today to advance my cause: Making a big pot of vegetable soup, with Cumin and hot pepper juice too. Love that stuff. Coming from a low carb way of eating, all the extra veggies are heaven. And PP, no points!! A good day.
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