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  1. this sounds so good I am for sure going to make it this payday I love Hamburger Helper so I know I love this
  2. hi I am pre diabetic and I take care of my mother and father my mother has type 2 and she is really really badsick , she has the kinds of neuropathy and it has taken her eyes , she can not urinate she has to use catheters to go and she has gastroparesis where she can I eat at all he's about heading for a feeding tubehe glad you're on insulin it helps more than pills and you do not want to be like my mother, you do Weight Watchers are you sure you will lose at least a half pound and if not you will just lose very slowly ,and you will be eating much better I am positive that will make your blood sugar better so don't give up I have also started Weight Watchers today I'm actually doing it right I do not want to end up like my mother thank you can add me as a friend if you would like
  3. I decide to not stop trying , on been a member for about 3 weeks now and have not done it and gaining fast , do I'm not given up I'm doing this
  4. I am learning too cook soups , much cheaper then processed soup , I make a lot of potatoe soup and chicken noodle and here is best tip freeze them into large muffin tins and throw them into gallon size freezer bag Then I also make up my oatmeal and freeze in large muffin tins , they hold 1 cup of oatmeal and then I pop them out put them in gallon freezer bags That way outs easy to pop into microwave for 3 1/2 minutes Makes it easy to have on hand
  5. I just found this site and so happy , I'm also starting again and and happy about it , great your back
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