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  1. So glad you posted this. I have been looking for something inspiring this and this is perfect! Thank you for posting.
  2. Welcome. So glad you and your son have joined! Please remember this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. You can still eat what you want as long as you plan for it and use portion control. The best part of this journey is to have support. You and your son can support each other as well as receiving support on this wonderful site! Lisa
  3. Rafiki1971


    Hi everyone, I recently lost 16 pounds but have since not been able to lose any more. I count all my points and exercise. Any ideas on how to get through this plateau?
  4. My cousin has arthritis like you do. I recommended a beginning water aerobics class for her once and she loved it. She is very overweight and was also embarrassed to go to the pool in her bathing suit. However, after going, she could not stop going. She said the pool helped her a lot. Maybe the pool will help you as well.
  5. Former WW member returning. My name is Lisa and I am excited to make some serious changes in my life. I have a 15 year old daughter and have been divorced since she was two years old. In April, my youngest sister almost died of a ruptured aorta. They gave her a 2% chance of surviving the surgery, which she did (thankfully because she has a 5 year old daughter). Since then, we have been trying to get healthy together. We decided we needed to do Weight Watchers since it is a healthy way of losing weight and keeping it off for life. My sister has inspired me more than she will ever know. I am happy to be back!
  6. I am also returning and am ready to finally make some changes. It would be nice to have share some thoughts with someone.
  7. I used to do Weight Watchers about 10 years ago and had great success. I stopped because I could not afford it any more. I decided to use the old stuff I had and start again the old way. I have no idea what they have changed, etc. but I figured if I had success on the old plan, I can do it again!!
  8. Wow, you look GREAT!! Keep it up. I know you will make it. Thanks for encouraging me.
  9. Today, I went to the store to stock up on healthy foods and started planning my menu for the week.
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