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  1. I find chopping wood to be a excellent exercise. I also heard recently it's one of the best ways to burn off calories. I mean, I do it because I have a nice big natural fire rather than an artificial one, but whose to say you can't just randomly chop wood hehe.
  2. I have been going through these recipe's on this board today and some of them sound delicious. Especially this one. Gotta love blue cheese.
  3. Sounds delicious. May give these ones a try as a reward.
  4. Glad to see hard work paying off. I'm just starting my journey hehe. Very motivating!
  5. I like the idea of it, but whenever I have seen people doing yoga, they always seem to require some flexibility, of which i have none.
  6. I highly recommend my fitness pal. Great for keeping track of your calories and stuff like that.
  7. Hi there, i'm fairly new too, looking to drop 20 pounds or so for starters Best of luck on your weigh tloss journey
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