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  1. I refrained from the snacks in my bosses office today. There were teddy grahams, cheez-it's (one of my top 10 favorite snacks) and powdered donuts. Before I got back on track, I would've been in there several times. To be honest, it wasn't even that hard to stay away. I would say that's a definite advance in my cause.
  2. I'm back too Krisnicnel, and I'm super pumped this time. I am a little more adventurous with foods than I used to be, so I think that helps in my excitement. WW was most helpful to me back in 2000. I had a buddy, too, which really helped, but now I just come here to this site for encouragement. I don't have the money to go to meetings, etc, so I'm using material from 2012, which is PointsPlus. I started back again Sept. 12th, and when I weighed in last Saturday I lost 4.8 lbs. That really was super encouraging. That's great you lost 3 lbs already in only 4 days!! Good for you!!! Hope to see you around on the site. I really haven't gotten to know anyone yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. Wanted to share what I found at Harris Teeter....Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread. They are a little pricey, but they are only 1 pt for 1 pita. I took it last night and broke it up, sprayed olive oil on it, and sprinkled alittle adobe seasoning on it, and threw them in the oven until they were crispy. I used those to eat the rest of my refried beans (love refried beans!!), instead of tortilla chips. Thought I would share!
  4. That's great Janice4945! It's definitely a "way of life" as you said. I've been off track for way too long. I'm so excited to be back on track, and it's amazing how much better my mental health felt this week as well. I had an amazing dinner, and it was only 6 point! Best of luck and many blessings in your journey.
  5. I tried the "do you 10q"! Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed reading some of the other members answers as well. It really was quite moving.... and also made me do some thinking as well about my own life. Thanks again!
  6. I refrained from eating my favorite pizza that someone brought into work, and ate what I had brought in instead!
  7. mbak04 ~ Thank you! First week was a success. 4.8 lb weight loss. I do remember though from previous attempts that the first week was usually a higher loss. I probably lost alot of water weight. Good luck to you as well. Do you have any favorite low point snacks...besides fruits & veggies?
  8. 202lose, when you say you budgeted for your glass of wine do you just mean that you had that glass of wine and still stayed within your daily points? I had some wine too last night too, but I went over my daily points and it came out of my weekly pointsplus allowance. Do you use the weekly allowance? I had a really hard time staying in my daily points yesterday. Of course it was my first day back doing WW in a long time! I used all 26 points and used 8 of my allowance!
  9. Goodmorning! I'm glad to be back on this site. I forgot how wonderful and informative it is. I originally started Weight Watchers in 2000. I lost almost 50 pounds. Over the years I have gone back to WW several times. Well, it's time again. I'm pushing back near my beginning weight (which I have been for years), but something clicked yesterday and I decided to get back on WW track. That being said, the WW material I have, and the WW calculator I have is PointsPlus from 2012. Wanted to see if PointsPlus is still the program WW is using, and see if there is anyone out there in my boat or near it in terms of my age/weight/weight loss goals.... I'm 37, Weight 167, I'm 5'3", and would like to lose about 50 pounds....That might be a unreasonable goal, but for now that is what it is. Also, on PointsPlus, is it true that most raw fruits and veggies are ZERO points? It wasn't like that back when i began originally, at least for fruit it wasn't. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! ~rcaron
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