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  1. Yes! I am hoping to be able to join a group as well. I looked online today for other communities -- not remembering this one's name -- and I was surprised there are not more support groups available online. I was excited to fine this again. It was such a help to me before! Can't wait to join a group!
  2. I agree. Trying and trying again is part of life. Never give up!
  3. Hi I'm Lori. I'm back on this site after 10 years...crazy! It really helped me before and I know I can do it again. I've got a lot to lose...70 lbs, but I'm determined and will stay away from m trigger foods. I need this community of encouragement and accountability.
  4. I am trying to not over-busy myself. I find I often over schedule myself and wind up dumping my eating plan. I am going to take more time for me
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