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  1. Hi All, my name is Katie. I've been a lifer for 11 years and have seen a lot of changes over the years with weight watchers. This week they are going to be taking 3 of my fit points per day. When I called, the weight watchers member on the phone couldn't really tell me why. I can't seem to get my head around this! Does anyone have any thoughts? I have a theory. It's for basic bodily functions? she said it equals 3,000 steps and I can go to the website at the end of the day and add them back in. I decided to increase my daily points by 3. Good Grief!
  2. Yes, I fear gaining the weight back. I've lost 97.5 pounds and been a lifer for 10 years. The key for me is to indentify the things I can control and those I can't. I can control what I put in my mouth and with all of the great tools weight watchers gives us I know I must manage my points each day. I have seen a lot of changes and initially resisted change. Why change what had worked for me? Once I tried the changes and embraced them I found that I needed to trust the process and weight watchers in general. At one point several years ago, I had stopped doing what made me successful and the weight started to come back. I had to rededicate myself to the program. I have discovered that I will have to work this program everyday. As a retired person, I can and do go to the gym everyday and I must admit I exercised to have my treats. With all the tools and support weight watchers gives me, I'm finding that as long as I stay on the path, my fears are irrational. Peace! Kate
  3. Since they launched the new smartpoints and the app. There have been lots of problems. I find it's helpful to use the 24/7 chat feature. At least you can make them aware of the issues. I feel sure that they will eventually get everything straight with the online website/app issues. Good luck and hang in there!
  4. Hi. I've been a lifer for 10 years. I belonged here before but I guess I was inactive for too long so I'm back with a new username. I have difficulty with change but I'm willing, with the encouragement of my leader to give this smart points a shot! I'm frustrated with the app because it puts my fit points into my weekly points target. I am guilty of eating my fit points even though it is not "suggested". My 1/2 c of Ben and jerrys went up from 7-8 points to 13-16 points! Peace and good luck to all! Kate
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