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  1. I also have a Fitbit but still struggle with motivation. Hoping these boards help!!
  2. I too am re joining work has the program and I will join tomorrow. Hopefully this time I will endure since it will be my 5th time.
  3. Bobkat

    5% goal!!!!

    That is where I am focused on 5%. I never really focused that hard so always failed. Using this site to help with that.
  4. I am just hoping to finish and get to goal. My fear is that so I have the fear now to keep it in order so that if I should accomplish this I will redirect it.
  5. Just the reason I registered to be inspired by such a great accomplishment!!!
  6. Bobkat


    That is a great site.
  7. Good morning from snowy Philadelphia. Looking to loose 45 lbs and well weight watchers seems to be the place to do it. Any inspiration or help would be greatly appreciated.
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