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  1. I have used Fitness Pal app and liked it.
  2. Going to have to try this. Never thought of making a cake in a crockpot.
  3. Love the poem and so much truth in it!
  4. We have a local restaurant that the owner is also trying to lose weight and she stated she will modify any thing we wish.
  5. It is so hard when you live in a rural area and there is no meetings or leaders.
  6. I started back journaling and I believe it will help.
  7. I wish I was a morning person so the best time for me is early evening or night. I say whichever works just do it!
  8. I love the motivation on this site.
  9. Really great motivation from these posts.
  10. Now this location closed. Looking at doing this on line.
  11. My sister had twins and it is true they have their own language and sometimes the two of them is the only ones that understand what the other is saying.
  12. I am working hard at my journaling and getting good at parking at the end of store parking lots to get extra steps in.
  13. Truly a sweet video and I loved it!
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