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  1. Do you find that caffeine consumption affects your hunger levels? Do you eat less or more when you consume caffeine? Do you lose better when you drink caffeine or not? I would love to know.
  2. There's a lot of them on Weight Watchers dot com if you join online. It's about 4 dollars a week. They have almost everything I look up.
  3. One of my favorite things used to be Ball Park Fat Free Hot dogs and Light Buns but they no longer make the Ball Park Fat agrees and I can't find Light Buns where I live. Any recommendations? This used to be one of my favorite treats.
  4. I love bananas too. And I love making good fruit salad with great fruit although it can be expensive. I also love Diet Hot Chocolate.
  5. I just wanted to say hello. I used to come to this board in 2000 to 2001 and found it extremely helpful. I've recently had a large weight gain after a bout of illness so I am restarting Weight Watchers. Has anyone else had trouble getting used to the new Points Plus? It is foreign to me with everything having so many points.
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