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  1. Thank you for the reply, I guess the question isn't too TMI I have been on it now for 9 weeks and it isn't getting better. I have come to the point where at the end of the week I have to take a natural laxative pill to get things moving again but still have a stomach ache when I do. I forgot to mention that I do not have a gallbladder which I think adds to the issue but I really would like to find a way to eat fruit and vegetables but feel okay doing so not sick all the time.
  2. Total TMI but no matter how many different healthy foods I try I am constantly having stomach aches and on and off constipation. I have IBS and every time I start back on WW's I have stomach issues when eating fruits and vegetables especially. Anyone else have these issues and have any suggestions on what to do to make things easier on my stomach without having to go back on medications? Thank you!!
  3. I get my recipes from the sparkpeople recipes website. I freeze most things unless it is something I know will be soggy when reheating. I pull them straight from the freezer and microwave and reheat. So far I have done low point chili, beef and barely soup, low point mac and cheese, potato soup, taco soup, chicken and rice (teriyaki and cola chicken versions).
  4. Interested also in feedback I am trying to decide if the new program will work for me. I am pretty happy with Points Plus right now so I am not sure if I want to start back on meetings or go it alone for a while.
  5. Thank you for the welcome and the replies. Do they require you to move over to the new plan when you join or do they allow you to use the older ones? I like the Points Plus because it is easy for me to track because most of the fruits and vegetables are free which has encouraged me to eat more of them than I probably would if I have to count them.
  6. Thank you for the reply and the link to the recipe calculator. I will run the ingredients I use through that instead of going by what they posted on Pinterest
  7. Hi, I have been on and off WW's since 2007. I originally started on the Flex Plan, had some health issues that put me on steroids so I stopped WW's. Went back to be on Points Plus, had a baby and stopped again. I have lost and gained 54lbs, the most I gained back was 20lbs after pregnancy and now lost it again. I have been back on WW's doing Points Plus at home on my own and it is working well for me but at some point I would like to go back to meetings. So...my question is at what point should I go back to meetings so I can become a lifetime member if I meet my goal? I have 52lbs more to go. Thank you!
  8. Hi, new to the boards I am currently doing Points Plus. I have been on Pinterest and come across a lot of Smart Points recipes that I am interested in but they only have the Smart Points amounts listed without the full nutrition info. Is there a way to find out what the Points Plus values would be for these without breaking them down myself? If no, can you suggest a website that has a good recipe builder besides the WW one? Thank you!!!!
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