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  1. Eaten by itself it was, after all, a single piece, right? She did her best to journal it, checking off all her vegetables for the day.
  2. I realize this is an old post, but wanted to share a funny WW story. I attended the At Work sessions for quite a while, which ran for 10 weeks at a time. We started a new session with one woman joining who must have had a starting weight in the 300 pound range. I was at several new start sessions, and accustomed to hearing from new members those first weeks of their loss of several pounds weight loss before settling into whatever cadence (1 - 2.5 per week) they would reach. It came to everyone's surprise when this really big woman was complaining week after week that she was gaining and not losing on the program. By the third week the leader asked to see her journal, which she admitted she had not been writing in. She promised to be good the following week by journaling and bring it in. Same story in week 4, she was up not down. She handed her journal to the leader in class to prove it was the program's fault. Part way through the first journal day for lunch she journaled "one P.P." Leader asked what that was, to which the new member said "pumpkin pie". "One piece on pumpkin pie" the leader asked? "No - the whole pie" the new member replied. Half the class had their jaws hung open, the rest burst out laughing. The leader offered to stay over to explain the program to her in more detail.
  3. As an IT guy I tried to figure out both the issues with the online program as well as the version I loaded onto my Android Smartphone. Take a look at the ratings - here the best weight loss program's "program" only earns a 2.5 - 3.0 out of 5? Really? I know that they hired a CIO from AutoTrader.com a few years back, and that they are trying, have been trying, to work the kinks out since that time. I am afraid it is too little, too late. I too tried getting assistance, and felt I was talking to less than qualified tech support. I removed it from my PC and my phone. I am now running Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus. It costs a whopping $4, works remarkably well. I think WW should just buy them and stop trying to fix its buggy programs. It has a tracker, a huge database, and even a product scanner for point value by serving. You want to give it a try. (We won't tell your WW leader.)
  4. I threw something together last night that my High School age son (who did not get his skinny genes from me! ) ravaged. It was off a weight watchers post on FB. I had to go to the store for boneless/skinless chicken breasts anyway, so I picked-up some whole wheat flour for this. Bought three chicken breasts, which weighed about 8 oz - 9 oz each, so I cut them in half. Pat them dry with paper towel. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Get out two bigger bowls. In one break a couple of eggs, separating and using only one yolk but both whites. Whip or whisk the eggs. In the second bowl put 1/3 C grated or shredded lowfat Parm cheese (the real stuff - not the sawdust from the green can), 1/4 C whole wheat flour, 1/4 C whatever great breading base / flour you like (I used Kelloggs Corn Flake crumbs and some flax meal combined but you could use corn meal, any other stuff you like). Add to that 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/8 tsp ground pepper, a couple shakes of Mrs. Dash or whatever your family likes (I was thinking some curry powder might rock this too!). Stir all the dry ingredients together. Spray a baking pan, big enough for the chicken pieces to be laid flat without touching, with Pam or olive oil Pam. Coat each chicken piece in the egg, then roll in the flour/cheese mix, and place in the baking pan. When all were in the pan I used a spoon to sprinkle some of the leftover breading onto the chicken pieces where my fingers wiped it off. Spray the top of the chicken in the baking pan with the Pam too, to enable it to crisp up. Put it in the oven for 50 - 60 minutes, until the breading is nicely brown. Seriously - the assembly of this only took 5 - 8 minutes. Fast-fast-fast. BTW there is no salt in the breading, as the Parm cheese is already salty. Right after that I threw a cup of brown Jasmine rice into a pot with two cups of water and put it on to boil, then reduced to low for about 40 minutes. I shut it off and waited for the chicken to get done. After 40 minutes I peaked at the chicken. Mine had given off some water (previously frozen at store) so I tilted the pan and used a turkey bulb baster to remove it so the bottom wouldn't be soggy. Again - maybe a minute of effort there. I tossed some broccoli on to boil. The chicken is lightly coated with crispy goodness when done but very moist. The parm cheese kind of melts to the flour mix and gives the crunch while keeping the moisture in I guess. I gave both my son and myself two of the pieces. Each piece of chicken I calculated at a point an ounce for the chicken and a bit less than a point per piece for the breading and egg mix, so my 4 - 4.5 ounce pieces were 5 points each. Super easy and real tasty. Jim
  5. So are we posting a cumulative from last week? I think I am only down one pound (-1) this week. I started hitting Planet Fitness with my g.f. daily, so I'm wondering / hoping that might be some muscle gain? I guess I need to get out the tape measure. I was though able to put on a button-up shirt this weekend that previously was gapping at my middle when I sat down before getting back on Points Plus.
  6. I'm in. I've been using Tuesday AM.
  7. I too am a coffee drinker, but since we all are tanking-up on water as part of our WW journey I might as well have a little something in it that might in some small part help me along on this quest. Nothing I have read has ever suggested it is bad, and lots of credible stories of a variety of benefits from it. I bought a box at Kroger the other day. Not bad at all.
  8. I have been using Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus. A tiny $4 cost. Way cool features. I especially like the scanner for bar codes of stuff in my cupboards or when deciding what to buy in the grocery store.
  9. So, as a 56 y.o. guy, going back to the gym, I realize I will never look like Arnold, but am tired of looking like Peter Griffin. What will do me the most good when working on weight machines if I wish to focus on weight loss first? Should I find the maximum weight I can lift for 8 - 10 reps, or should I find a weight that I can manage to lift 15 - 18 times?
  10. I believe it is a service based company that is trying to morf into an IT company, and doing a really poor job of it. They should just buy someone else's third party application and use it, because if their CIO and his team has not fixed that in three years they will be doomed.
  11. Me too! I also carried a Planet Fitness card in my wallet for a couple of years, and it never seemed to make any difference. It wasn't until I remembered where the darn PF place was and went in to ask about that it seemed to start to make a difference. Imagine that? Back on WW again, journaling but this time on my phone so it's a little more fun and easy to do.
  12. While waiting for my g.f. to finish her routine at Planet Fitness I got back onto the treadmill for another ten minutes.
  13. I too am Lifetime, and am back. I am doing Points Plus, since that works for me.
  14. I suspect that the reason why they were unable to explain is that the people in the IT department of WW are in over their heads, and likely cannot find the bug causing it to happen. WW is first a service-based company, helping out dieters. Secondly it is a merchandising company, selling the extra tools and journal items to members. Third, and far less it is a minor player in the food sales business, more for convenience. I have been Lifetime since reaching my goal in the 1990's. At that time, as well as for the other couple of times when I fell off the wagon, the tools have essentially been the same. You had the reference pamphlets in different forms, and a journal to write down what you are and the points you used. If you wanted you could buy a much lager booklet of foods and their respective point values, and another one for all kinds of restaurant menu items. About ten years ago they introduced a very crude calculator type device that you used rather than writing things down. As an IT guy I check d it out. It cost a lot and did IMHO very little for the $40 it cost. I kept writing stuff in the paper Tracker. When I tracked I lost. When I didn't I stalled. At one point I tried the online WW system. The system was clumsy, had a lot of lag, and it just didn't work well. They also had a big time double billing issue. I dropped that. About three years ago the use of smart phones and small tablets took off. A lot of companies have suffered, trying to become a wiz IT company. That is NOT the kind of people that WW has traditionally employed. They employ people who are successful weight losers, who maintain the loss, and who can do well motivating newbies and parroting back a basic program. I was asked one - so I know they do not pay all that well to the leaders. Likely it goes up as you work up the food chain, but you are not going to likely have an IT savvy leader at meetings. WW tried to get on the tablet - smartphone wagon by hiring a CIO. In my opinion they got the wrong guy. They hired the man that was the brains behind AutoTrader. That is basically a display-ware program with a big database of cars and information for online truck and car sales. There is not a real forum, or education, or a need to have a huge portal so that members can look up the points in a gyro sandwich or the points from running on the beach. Smart guy, wrong experience. So I am here now because I one again have to drop weight. I once again looked at the online program as well as the app that you can load onto an Android phone. In most reviews both are given something like a "C" grade. As a result the WW stock value is falling hard. Five years ago they were rising stars, now they are grasping defeat from the jaws of victory. They are a service company that is trying to be an IT company and are failing. The smart thing to do is look to but someone who can provide a point tracking system for android and Apple phones that works. There is one out there. I bought the app for $4 online. It rocks. I suggest getting the third-party points tracking software, use that, and ditch the official WW app that is screwing up, and be able to track your fit points. Just one guy's opinion, of course. Jim
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