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  1. Thank you,all, for your responses. You helped me lots! I had heard somewhere on the news that diet drinks slowed weight loss, but you had to "tune in at 6" to hear the story. Of course, I forgot to watch the show and wondered what it said. Thanks!!
  2. I drink at least 3 Diet Cokes a day, but recently heard that diet soda can slow weight loss. Has anyone else heard this?? Does anyone else drink a lot of diet soda and have an opinion one way or another? Thanks!
  3. Could someone pleeeeeeeze tell me if the cream of wheat is cooked or just out of the box?? Thanks! Want to make this to go with tomorrow night's chili when my mom comes for dinner.
  4. Thanks Cheryl. I haven't looked at scales at all so wasn't aware that weighing in single grams was unusual. :rolleyes: I am thinking that a digital scale will really help me out since it is easy to squeeze in a few more chips,etc.on the old weight watchers scale!
  5. Thanks Cheryl and Judyo! I'm off to go shopping tomorrow. Cheryl, it doesn't matter that yours only measures every 2 grams? I would probably be using it for cereals and other things like chips and crackers that list the grams on the label.
  6. While we are on the subject, could you all tell me what brand scale you use for grams? Thanks! I have been wanting to get one, but don't want to spend the money on one that is no good.
  7. Thanks for posting your pics! You look great! I'm a lifetime member back again. Thanks for the motivation!!
  8. Do you make up the stuffing mix per the directions on the box or do you just use the dry mix with the seasoning packet??
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