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  1. I am doing Yin Yoga, love it very much! Hope to get back to it soon though, my knee won't let me at the moment. But hope in a week or 2 I will practise again!
  2. @ anaem3 Wow, that is a great motivational poem! I will copy paste and then print it so I can read it when needed. Thanks! @ classy_beez I am sure you will be fine, just start, leave the past holidays behind and look fresh to the future! You can do it!!
  3. Hello everyone! It has been quiet a few years since I have been on this forum, so many that I couldn't remember my old logname So a new one was born. What i do remeber was the great support you got here. I'm Nika, Dutch and well trying to get back into shape after some slides down, due to surgery and other health problems. Just last Tuesday I had knee surgery, still recovering.... I really need to get to a healthy weight, my body just can't take it anymore. Hope to get tips, support and maybe a few new friends from around the world! Nika
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