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  1. I will, that is one of the things I remember. I just made a batch of the 0 point soup. That really helps. Catherine
  2. Hi Gang, I am new to this board but not Weight Watchers. I am starting again after having been a lifetime member. Currently I am using my old material due to financial restraints. I was a server most of my adult life and always wondered if waitressing kept me chubby because of all the easily accessible food or kepy me from getting even bigger due to activity. Now I have my answer. In almost 4 years since I started my new career, Real Estate, I have gained 25 pounds . wish me luck!
  3. Hello buddies, I am a Lifetimer who has lost her way. I am nearly 2 hundred pounds, heavier than I have ever been! I was a waitress for mos of my adult life. I always wondered if waitressing kept me chubby because of all the access to food or kept me from getting bigger from all the activity. I now have my answer, After 3.5 years of not waitressing, I am in Real Estate now,I am bigger than ever! Lessons learned, STAY ACTIVE, DON'T EAT ON THE RUN!!!!
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