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  1. I tried the Pria Mint Chocolate Cookie bar today for a snack (2 pts). It was VERY tasty!!!
  2. Ahhh-the all important size question. :-) They're a good size, not as big as the Baker's Breakfast Cookie, but adequate. I find them filling...guess that's the fiber helping out!
  3. Tried this today after reading the review this morning. Gets a "thumbs-up" from me. Nice and flavorful! They didn't give me the almonds (grrr), but guess that's OK. Kept my salad w/ grilled chix and full packet of dressing to only 6 pts. Good lunch w/ my Diet DP!
  4. These are great! 3 pts each w/ 5 grams of fiber. Very filling for breakfast w/ fruit or a snack. Check them out!
  5. Tried the blueberry this week. Yum-O. Highly recommended.
  6. Wow-I picked these up while in the checkout line at Target today (on sale this week). They are AWESOME. Same great cheddar taste, but with whole grain. You can have 55 of these fishies for 3 points. There's no way I can eat 55 in one sitting so I'm having a 1-2 point snack and getting lots of crunch and satisfaction for the salty craving. Check 'em out!
  7. I was looking at the McDonalds website. According to their nutritional info, the Grilled Chix Bacon Ranch Salad is 250 cal, 9g fat, 3g fiber=5 points and the ranch dressing packet is 170 cal, 15g fat, 0g fiber=5 points. The balsamic ving. would definitely work though! Thanks!
  8. What kind of dressing are you getting for the McDs Grilled Chix Bacon Ranch? With the regular ranch I come up w/ 10 points...???
  9. Great job!! Keep up the good work.
  10. I go to Chipotle about once every 4-5 weeks for lunch. Use this website: http://www.chipotlefan.com (nutrition calculator on the left hand menu) to configure your meal. Last time I got the following: Burrito Bol w/ Chicken, Lettuce, Black Beans, Tomato Salsa, & Cheese: 11 pts There is alot of sodium in this meal so I would make sure to drink lots of H20. If I eat there, it's usually on Wed. after my weigh-in.
  11. I purchased a Rival Crockpot tonight. My old Rival was still working fine, but I wanted a programmable one so that I could set the # of hours for the food to cook while I'm at work. I paid $29.99 (with a $10 off coupon) for a 5 quart programmable Rival crockpot at JCPenney. This included a "Little Dipper" crock pot that can be used for hot dips. Now I'm on here looking for some great new recipes!
  12. On the subject of Ham Helper, we had the Beef Stroganoff this week made w/ ground turkey breast. VERY yummy and points friendly (I think it was about 7...I can check my journal and let you know for sure).
  13. I'm eating the Ritz Snack Mix right now at work. These are great for my afternoon snack. This and a 1 point fruit get me from lunch to dinner!
  14. jensngs


    I like the Morningstar version too. I've taken these and cut them up, added them to a salad w/ LF Ranch dressing...YUM!!
  15. jensngs

    True Lemon

    Tried this out today in my bottle of Dasani! Yum!!! It's "pure crystallized lemon" that comes in a packet like Splenda. The boxes are found in my store near the regular lemons. They are great (0 cal and all natural)! I've really gotten into putting lemon wedges in my water. These provide the taste of 2 lemon slices without cutting up the lemon at work!
  16. Hey everyone! I was in line today @ Target and these caught my eye. Althought they're intended for the Low Carb WOE, I picked them up and ran the nutri info through my Points Slider. 3 points for 2 pb cups and I thought they were a great dessert at lunch!!! I won't say they taste exactly like the real thing, but they are great to kill that choc/pb craving. They have 9 grams fiber. They do containe sugar alcohol, but for a once in a while treat---YUM!!!
  17. Hey everyone! I lost 1 pound this week for a total of 15 in 7 weeks! Just wanted to do a little bragging!
  18. Congrats!! What an inspiration from a fellow Virginian! I'll try to catch the 9 a.m. on Lifetime tomorrow a.m. Take care!
  19. IMO, these are not worth the points. I've never had one, but my hubby has. The amount of fiber is unreal and I would think it could cause some digestive problems to ingest that much fiber in one meal.
  20. Hey, I tend to rely more on the DWLZ Restaurant info as a rule. I checked shrimp scampi in the WW Online food guide and it shows 9 medium as 10 points. A pointer for Red Lobster...if you go to their website (http://www.redlobster.com/lighthouse), this shows their Lighthouse (light) menu. On there you can choose the items you want to eat and they provide the nutrition info. From there you can figure the points. Hope this helps a bit. Enjoy your dinner! Edit: I figured a couple of meals with their lunch size portion of tilapia (yum yum). You can have that with a salad & vinagerette dressing and broccoli for a total of 6 pts (9 pts if you get a baked potato w/ pico de gallo instead of broccoli). Just a thought!
  21. I bought the Dasani yesterday out of the fridge case at Subway; however, I have seen both the flavored Dasani and Aquafina bottles at Kroger.
  22. Yum!!!! Tried my first one today at Subway. It's great...0 pts just like reg bottled water, but with a great natural raspberry flavor. Check em out!
  23. Yum, Yum, Yum!! I'm so glad they made this smoothie into a light version. The regular version is not point-friendly (IMO). It comes in peach, strawberry, & straw-banana at 3 pts for a large bottle and tastes great and no yucky aftertaste. Perfect for breakfast on the run or a snack. I bought mine at Kroger this week 3 for $3.00!
  24. Actually, here's a write-up regarding the product, including an ingredient list: * No Cholesterol, No Butter * No Eggs or Yeast, Low Sodium, Non Dairy, OU Kosher * 1 Point by Weight Watchers Layers of puff pastry dough sprinkled with cinnamony sweet goodness, our French Twists from Barry's Bakery are handmade and oven baked kosher treats. Perfect for sweet lovers and weight watchers alike, you'll enjoy these gourmet goodies any time of the day. - Weight Watchers 1 point Ingredients: High Gluten Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening (partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil,) Beet Sugar, Salt, Calcium, Carbonate
  25. These are yummy!!! I'm eating the maple french toast flavor. They have 60 cal, 2 g fat, and 0 g fiber=1 point (no cholesterol/low sodium) for one "stick". I got them at CVS on sale this week, but they have them in other stores and grocery stores. They have several different flavors and are a great sweet little something w/ your coffee or tea.
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