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  1. I have IBS which makes it very difficult to prepare some recipes. Where I have to be careful of what goes into the food I make. So lets say I want to make meatloaf for dinner. I would have to replace the bread crumbs with GF breadcrumbs or even ground oatmeal. My question is how would I find out how to calculate the recipe?
  2. Hi I am recommitting to WW. I went to meetings years ago (like over 15) made lifetime. Kept it off to within 3 pounds until menopause hit big time in 2011. Since then I have gained 32 #. Not a pretty site at all. I remember this board/site. I wish I could remember my login info. I am unable to go to meetings so I will be doing this strictly at home. I have been looking in the recipe section. Wow an awful lot sound really good. So I am going to try to put a month of menus together to see how I do. I think I need to try to keep each meal around 5 points with a little wiggle room and snacks thrown in. Wish me luck, I really need it. Thanks Shari
  3. DFBoss


    Hello and Help please. I am restarting WW after being away for more than 12 years. I have know idea where to start. I do know however that I have 28 points per day. After that where do I start? DFBoss
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