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  1. This morning I put on my size 26 jeans and the fell off So I went to my dresser and grabed a pair of jeans(size 22) I havent fit into since I got pregant for my first son 3 yrs ago. And I was able to not only pull them up past my hips but button and zip them w/out laying on the bed. AND I dont even have that fold of fat on the top of the jeans. So I am soo excited I just had to share. Lisa
  2. lrussel5

    10% Goal

    I finally did it!!!! I made my first 10% of -27lbs. I am sooo excited. I t took 18 weeks but I did it. I know feel that I can really do this. I just had to brag to someone Lisa
  3. lrussel5

    WW & Camping

    Oscar myeres has low fat hot dogs that are only 1pt. for each hot dog and the dont taste bad. plus wonder bread had a wheat bread that is ff and for two slices its 1pts. As for the can food by chef boyodee I havent found anything low in pts. You could always bring some chicken to cook over the fire wraped in foil with some veggies. For a chicken breat its 4pts. then what ever the veggies are. Hope this helps a little Lisa
  4. In our area the price is $29 if you have it directly debited from a bank account each month -if you want to pay by cash or check - it's $39. I'm not sure if that's how it is all over but I would suggest you check it out before you join.I am going to be joining the way I look at it is right now being 267 lbs I am not going to feel comfortable at any other gym...so if its slow or borning it will still be better then seeing 120lb women running circles around me and making me not want to come back. I like the fact that its a gym for just women and in my area they are all around my size so this helps. Now if I can just make into the gym and not the Little Ceasers Pizza place next door I will have my first NSV...
  5. lrussel5


    WTG You should be very proud of yourself...you have shown me that it is possible and thank you for that. well continue the good work
  6. WTG You should be very proud of yourself ...your doing a great job and keep up the great work
  7. Where I live one just opened up and I was debating about joining. I was told that the women that owns the one in my town is a plus size woman and so was half the clients that went there. I do know it is a gym for just women and the glass is frosted over so no one can see you (thats what I like ) I do know that the location for the one in my town is a bad place...its right next to a Little Ceaser's Pizza place :eek: ....how cruel is that :eek: ...lol
  8. WAY TO GO!!!!! You are doing really great. you should be so proud of yourself
  9. I just started ww 3 wks ago and I am very inspired by you. Way to go I hope I do as good as you do...well thank you for the inspiration and once again WOW.
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