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  1. This is a big favourite of mine, and I make it at least once a week during the cooler months.
  2. Good Morning All........ Beginning of week two for me in this challenge. Off work for a couple of days, so it's back to the exercise !!! Just finished doing one hour on the Elliptical . My goal is to get another hour of exercise tomorrow, and then my third hour on Saturday. Any additional exercise will be a bonus !! Sixty Minutes down, One Hundred and Twenty to go for the week !!! Superbowl........I like the facebook post from your gym re: Success trains, Failure complains. Soooo true !!!! What are your plans for today after your day off ?? Cheryl........what's on your agenda this Monday after a couple of days off ??? Catch you all later...... K ~
  3. Good Morning to All........ Had a busy day yesterday at work, running about on my feet all day, (12h ). Just wanted to say: Cheryl...........Good job on the walk. Yes, I found the humidity just awful at 8 pm last night leaving work. Hoping you get out early today for your walk before the heat of the day. Superbowl.......Do you have any specific activity planned for today? (Or is this an "off day"). Stay cool , whatever you choose to do. K ~
  4. Good Evening All........ Just checking in. Stayed away from the Elliptical today, as my legs felt kind of "rubbery", walking up 2 flights of stairs to my dental appointment today. Instead I did a 60 minute walk. (That gives me 190 minutes now for this week). Won't have anymore time to do any exercise until next week. Superbowl.........Hoping you enjoyed your "off day", and it wasn't too hot for your 5K run today. Cheryl........I need to post all my accomplishments, or else I'd soon conveniently "forget" to exercise. Somehow knowing I have to account for my activity in writing to others motivates me more !!! Catch ya tomorrow....... K
  5. Afternoon check in for me..... Managed to do 55 "sweaty" minutes on the Elliptical . (50 minutes left for the week.....a.k.a. tomorrow !!!). Too busy for any activity other than working, eating, and sleeping until next week. Cheryl.........WTG on the activity. As for me, don't make me laugh. I'm no super athlete. I like walking alot, but with this really hot weather, I prefer to jump on the Elliptical in the basement. I find the treadmill boring, even with the TV. (Makes me feel like a hamster on one of those running wheels) Superbowl.....How's it going for you today ?? K ~
  6. Superbowl.........WTG on getting the 45 minutes in with your busy schedule !!! (You had mentioned getting a minimum of 25 minutes !!!) Cheryl........How are you managing ??
  7. Happy to report I managed 45 minutes on the Elliptical today. Got in a good workout. (105 minutes left for the week). Superbowl......Yeah, I work crazy hours so when I exercise, I exercise. On the days I work, I have absolutely no time, so I'll have to make up the 180 minutes on my days off !! (I work long hours, running around on my feet and certainly burn a fair number of calories. But that doesn't count........as that is part of my regular routine) K~
  8. Good Afternoon...... Noticed this thread last evening. I really need to be accountable in getting some regular exercise. I've been extremely lazy of late, and really need to do something about it. Soooo, thought I'd join in on the fun . I managed to break a sweat by doing 30 mins on the Elliptical today. Day one of my week accounted for, 150 mins to go !!! See ya tomorrow..... K
  9. Good Morning All....... I have to agree with @Westcoastgirl, that restaurants, (even the big chains), are under increasing social and political pressure, (re: obesity epidemic and it's impact on the health care system), to not only offer "lighter" fare....... but make subtle changes to their regular menu to accommodate their customers request's. They are running a business. They want to keep their customer's happy........and coming back !!!! I know I for one would not return to any restaurant if they are not interested in pleasing me, as the customer.
  10. Hilarious and oh so true !!!! It's amazing the lengths we go in deluding ourselves that the problem isn't what we eat...... Thanks for sharing...... K
  11. When I'm asked "What is my secret"?, I generally say what people do not want to hear. I tell them I exercise regularly, and make healthy food choices. Very much along the line of SuperBowl's response. When asked further, I do admit that Weight Watcher's provided me with the tools, but it was up to me to use them properly. I do not count points, but eat CORE/Simply Filling foods. Do I eat non-CORE foods ?? Of course. I just do so in moderation. Re: SuperBowl's comment re: WW magazine, I have to agree. I do not read it, as I see far superior magazines where their focus is on "eating cleanly" and health promotion. I could care less about what the latest colour trends are in fashions/decorating for the coming season Karen
  12. Re: Secrets to Successfully Maintaining......... My biggest secret to "maintaining", and I use that term loosely is that I weigh myself every Sunday, irregardless if it's been a "good week or a bad week". Our bodies are always in a state of flux. Our weight will NEVER be exactly the same from week to week. It is the degree to which we allow that state of flux, which determines if and when we get our act together and get back to it. I have a "line in the sand" number........and once I get near that number.........I know it's time to slam the brakes on my eating. My second secret of success........Everything I wear has to have a "waistband". No elastic waistbands are allowed on my pants, unless I'm working out in the gym !!!! Karen
  13. Great Question......... Is exercise important to maintaining your weight loss ??? Absolutely !!!!! I would say the single most important factor is controlling the quality and quantity of the food you fuel your body with. JMHO Karen
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